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Kentucky School Boards Association
Summit on Enriching Teaching
Enabling School Boards To Be Catalysts for Change

Panel Discussion

streaming video Kentucky’s Legislative Issues

Gene Wilhoit
Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Education

and members of the Kentucky General Assembly:
Sen. Lindy Casebier (R-Louisville)
Rep. Jon Draud (R-Crestview Hills)
Sen. David Karem (D-Louisville)
Rep. Harry Moberly (D-Richmond)
Rep. Frank Rasche (D-Paducah)
Sen. Richie Sanders (R-Franklin)

In this session, Kentucky Education Commissioner Gene Wilhoit and key legislative leaders discuss Kentucky’s most urgent needs in addressing the growing shortage of teachers. They discuss the single salary schedule and the possibilities that development of a new compensation program would bring to Kentucky teachers. They also talk about the addition of days to the school calendar and the potential effectiveness of signing bonuses and other strategies that could help Kentucky recruit teachers more competitively.

KET’s 2001-2002 interim legislative coverage includes online video of several meetings of the Interim Joint Committee on Education and its Subcommittee on Teacher Compensation.

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This video coverage is provided by KET by arrangement with the Kentucky School Boards Association. Opinions expressed by conference speakers are their own.

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