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Kentucky School Boards Association
Summit on Enriching Teaching
Enabling School Boards To Be Catalysts for Change

Keynote Presentation

streaming video Reinventing Teacher Compensation

Allan Odden
Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Allan Odden is widely recognized as the nation’s foremost expert on reinventing teacher compensation. He worked with the Cincinnati Public Schools to develop the first teacher compensation system that replaces the single salary schedule with a schedule that bases pay on evaluations of a teacher’s classroom performance. He also consulted with leaders of the Iowa state legislature as they worked to pass the first statewide legislation to link teacher pay to progressive career levels and pay increases to evaluations. The bill passed in spring 2001.

In this session, Odden highlights the fundamental components of differentiated pay for teachers and raises pressing issues for consideration in Kentucky.

Odden is a professor of educational administration at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. More information about his research on teacher compensation is available from the university’s Center for Education Research.

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