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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

10:00 AM
Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System Work Group

1:00 PM
Interim Joint Committee on Transportation


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Latest Public Affairs Coverage

  • News of the Week: November 27, 2015

    by John Gregory | 11/28/15 10:25 AM

    Given their losses in statewide elections earlier this month, 2015 will go down as a hard year for Democrats in the commonwealth. Next year could be even tougher as the party mounts a fight to keep control the state House and find a viable candidate to run for the U.S. Senate. Read more.

  • 2016 General Assembly Preview

    by John Gregory | 11/24/15 11:07 AM

    State lawmakers have big hopes heading into the 2016 for legislation regarding education, right to work, tort reform, the minimum wage, and a host of other policy goals. But all of those debates will pale in comparison to the primary challenge facing the next General Assembly. Read more.

  • Theologian Mohler: Redefinition of Marriage Began Long Ago

    by John Gregory | 11/23/15 9:45 AM

    When theologian Albert Mohler Jr. looks at the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage across the country, he sees more than landmark ruling on one particular social issue. He sees another distressing step in the decades-long revolution to redefine the nature of marriage and family in America. Read more.

  • News of the Week: November 20, 2015

    by John Gregory | 11/21/15 9:17 AM

    State House Democrats have feared that defectors would leave their ranks after Republicans dominated the elections three weeks ago. But when the first legislator announced his switch to the GOP, it still took Democratic leaders by surprise. Read more.

  • The State of Kentucky's Children

    by John Gregory | 11/17/15 5:30 PM

    The Kentucky Youth Advocates just released their latest Kids Count report. Terry Brooks, the organization’s executive director, talked with Bill Goodman about some of the headlines from the 25th edition of the annual survey of child welfare in all 120 Kentucky counties. Read more.

  • Priorities for the Next State Budget

    by John Gregory | 11/17/15 9:16 AM

    When state lawmakers convene in January, their top agenda item will be to pass a new two-year budget for the commonwealth. Under the best of circumstances, it's a challenge to find consensus on how to spend billions in taxpayer money. But legislators will face some additional hurdles in the 2016 session: Read more.

  • Governor-elect Matt Bevin

    by John Gregory | 11/16/15 11:22 AM

    When multiple polls showed that this year's race for governor was essentially tied or that Democrat Jack Conway was slightly ahead, Matt Bevin knew better. Read more.

  • News of the Week: November 13, 2015

    by John Gregory | 11/14/15 9:30 AM

    With a month until inauguration day, Gov.-elect Matt Bevin announced two key staff appointments and launched a website for those wanting to work in his administration. Read more.

  • Ari Berman on the Struggle for Voting Rights

    by John Gregory | 11/14/15 9:09 AM

    According to the Brennan Center for Justice, more than 400 new voting restrictions have been proposed in 49 states over the last four years. Among them, 21 states have approved legislation that limits access to the ballot. Read more.

  • Bevin Quickly Preparing to Take Office

    by John Gregory | 11/13/15 11:56 AM

    Bill Goodman previews his conversation with Gov.-elect Matt Bevin. With a month before his inauguration, Bevin discusses his thoughts about hiring personnel for his administration and how he will approach policy decisions. The full interview airs Sunday at 1 p.m. on KET. Read more.