KET Legislative Coverage


  • Comment on Kentucky: The Future of Gay Marriage

    by John Gregory | 05/03/15 6:00 AM

    The Derby wasn't the only thing bringing a national spotlight to Kentucky last week. The commonwealth also made headlines as one of four states to defend its gay marriage ban before the U.S. Supreme Court. Read more.

  • Kiley Lane Parker: "Raising Ms. President"

    by John Gregory | 05/02/15 11:29 AM

    Although women comprise 50 percent of the American population, they hold less than a quarter of state legislative seats, less than a fifth of congressional seats, and only one in 10 governorships. Read more.

  • Len Peters: State Working on Carbon Reduction Plan

    by John Gregory | 04/28/15 12:12 PM

    As the battle wages in Congress and the courts over federal limits on carbon dioxide emissions, Kentucky energy officials are taking a different approach to the matter. They want to work with the Environmental Protection Agency to help shape regulations in a way that takes into account the commonwealth's unique blend of energy and economic resources. Read more.

  • Democratic Primary for Governor

    by John Gregory | 04/28/15 10:13 AM

    Candidates running in the Democratic primary for Kentucky Governor and Lieutenant Governor appeared on Monday's edition of Kentucky Tonight on KET. Here's a summary of what gubernatorial contender Geoffrey M. “Geoff” Young and his running-mate Johnathan D. Masters said about what they see as key issues in the contest. Read more.

  • Big Money in GOP Governor's Race

    by John Gregory | 04/27/15 12:10 PM

    What would you do to land a job that pays $139,000 a year? Would you spend a million dollars? Of your own money? Read more.

  • Easing Anxiety Disorders with Virtual Reality

    by John Gregory | 04/25/15 5:02 AM

    Imagine donning a virtual reality helmet, not to play some fantastic new video game or to experience an imaginary voyage into deep space, but to get relief from an everyday phobia or anxiety. Read more.

  • Republican Candidates for Attorney General and Ag Commissioner

    by John Gregory | 04/22/15 11:13 AM

    Candidates seeking the Republican nomination for state Attorney General and Commissioner of Agriculture appeared on Monday's edition of Kentucky Tonight on KET. Read more.

  • Attorney Tells of Arguing Gay Marriage Case Before U.S. Supreme Court

    by Robbie Clark | 04/22/15 10:41 AM

    The landmark Supreme Court of the United States case Bush v. Gore decided the disputed 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore. It was also a pivotal moment in the battle for marriage equality in the years to come, though on a less than direct or apparent path. Read more.

  • Who Has Money for the Gubernatorial Primary?

    by John Gregory | 04/18/15 7:00 AM

    With a campaign finance reporting deadline just past, journalists will be crunching the numbers to see how well funded the state's gubernatorial candidates are as they head into the last month of the primary season. Read more.

  • Taking on Violence Before It Begins

    by John Gregory | 04/15/15 10:44 AM

    The traditional response to domestic violence has been to prosecute perpetrators and provide support services for victims. But a growing trend among anti-violence advocates seeks to prevent the abuse from occurring in the first place. Read more.