KET Legislative Coverage


  • Can You Code? The Future Wants You

    by John Gregory | 07/07/15 8:12 AM

    Do you know Ruby or Python? Read more.

  • Humana-Aetna Merger and Some County Clerks Ignore Instructions

    by John Gregory | 07/04/15 9:14 AM

    An otherwise quiet holiday weekend was rocked by news that one of the state's largest companies would be sold. On Friday officials announced that Aetna, a managed care company based in Connecticut, will acquire Louisville-based health insurance provider Humana. Read more.

  • Media Entrepreneur Cathy Zion

    by John Gregory | 07/04/15 7:17 AM

    In 1996 Cathy Zion left a stable job in banking to make a return to her original career in journalism - not as a reporter but as the publisher of a small specialty publication for women. Read more.

  • Public Employee Pensions: Where Will the Money Come From?

    by John Gregory | 06/30/15 7:22 AM

    The marble and granite halls of the state capitol may start to look like the proverbial rock and a hard place to legislators as they grapple with the public employees pension crisis. Read more.

  • Kentucky Reactions to Supreme Court Rulings

    by John Gregory | 06/27/15 9:04 AM

    Just hours after the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark decision on same-sex marriage, the first gay couples in Kentucky exercised their right to marry. Read more.

  • Fighting for a Cause

    by John Gregory | 06/27/15 8:14 AM

    Creative expression may not seem like a high priority when you're struggling to feed your children or find shelter for the night. But Tanya Torp and Josh Nadzam want to give disadvantaged individuals in Lexington the opportunity to find healing through the arts. Read more.

  • Five Key Education Issues for Kentucky

    by John Gregory | 06/23/15 12:49 AM

    In the next year, Kentucky will have a new governor, a new education commissioner, and a new biennial budget - each of which could have a substantial impact of the state's public schools. Read more.

  • Officials Debate Medicaid Expansion Price Tag for Kentucky

    by John Gregory | 06/20/15 8:47 AM

    It's hard to debate the success the state's Medicaid expansion has had in providing more Kentuckians with health care coverage. What continues to be argued, though, is whether the commonwealth will be able to afford the added expense. Read more.

  • Caring for the Children

    by John Gregory | 06/20/15 6:52 AM

    When local children and their families face nutritional challenges or medical emergencies, two Lexington agencies stand ready to help. Read more.

  • Father Loss: Men Cope with Losing Their Fathers

    by John Gregory | 06/17/15 12:06 PM

    We all face the certainty that at some point Father's Day will change from being a time to honor the dad who is present with us to a day to remember the man who has passed from our lives. Read more.