KET Legislative Coverage


  • What's at Stake in the 2015 Election?

    by John Gregory | 11/03/15 8:10 AM

    So it's Election Day, and despite all the political ads, debates, and news reports, you're still not sure which major party candidate for governor should get your vote. Read more.

  • Journalist Al Cross on the 2015 Election

    by John Gregory | 11/02/15 11:31 AM

    When KET political analyst Al Cross looks at this year's gubernatorial contest, he sees a battle between two flawed candidates, neither of whom have garnered a significant base of support from within their own parties. Read more.

  • News of the Week: October 30, 2015

    by John Gregory | 10/31/15 10:35 AM

    In the final weekend before Election Day, the candidates for statewide office focused on last-minute political ads and rallies, as well as their get-out-the-vote strategies. Read more.

  • Pioneering Journalist Dorothy Gilliam

    by John Gregory | 10/31/15 10:00 AM

    Sometimes one coincidence is all it takes. Read more.

  • Gubernatorial Candidates

    by John Gregory | 10/27/15 9:36 AM

    Candidates running for governor of the commonwealth appeared on Monday's edition of Kentucky Tonight on KET. The program featured Republican Matt Bevin and Democrat Jack Conway. Read more.

  • Governor Candidate Matt Bevin

    by John Gregory | 10/26/15 10:36 AM

    As a boy in northern New Hampshire, Matt Bevin dreamed of a life bigger than his small-town upbringing. He loved to read biographies of famous people, stories that pointed him to a wider world. For his high school yearbook quote, Bevin selected a stanza from poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow that summed up his aspirations: Read more.

  • Governor Candidate Jack Conway

    by John Gregory | 10/26/15 10:30 AM

    In the summer of 1995, Jack Conway was at loose ends. Read more.

  • News of the Week: Oct. 23, 2015

    by John Gregory | 10/24/15 8:29 AM

    There are clear distinctions among the candidates running for governor, but perhaps the starkest policy differences come on health insurance and early childhood education. Read more.

  • Lieutenant Governor Candidates

    by John Gregory | 10/20/15 11:43 AM

    Candidates running for lieutenant governor of the commonwealth appeared on Monday's edition of Kentucky Tonight on KET. The program featured Jenean Hampton, who is on the Republican gubernatorial ticket with Matt Bevin, and Sannie Overly, who is running with Democrat Jack Conway. Read more.

  • Lieutenant Governor Candidate Jenean Hampton Profile

    by John Gregory | 10/19/15 3:44 PM

    When Jenean Hampton took the stage at the Fancy Farm political picnic in August, she opened her speech by acknowledging her unique position in state politics. Read more.