KET Legislative Coverage


  • Comment on Kentucky's Fancy Farm Preview

    by John Gregory | 08/01/15 2:33 AM

    There's an old adage among Kentucky politicians that says a good performance by a candidate at Fancy Farm won't win him or her an election, but a bad performance will probably lose it for them. Read more.

  • What the 2011 Governor's Race Might Tell Us About This Year's Contest

    by Editor | 07/31/15 2:10 PM

    Renee Shaw is on her way to Fancy Farm to prepare for KET’s live coverage of the annual political picnic. Before she left, she spoke with University of Kentucky political scientist Stephen Voss about what the voting trends in the state’s last gubernatorial election might reveal about this year’s race. Read more.

  • The Colorful History of Fancy Farm

    by Editor | 07/31/15 1:44 PM

    The Fancy Farm political picnic has a rich and definitely colorful history, especially when you consider some of the characters who have appeared at the annual Graves County event. In preparation for KET’s live coverage of this year’s candidate speeches, Renee Shaw takes a look at some highlights from Fancy Farm’s earlier days. Read more.

  • Getting Personal with Cancer and Heart Disease Treatment

    by John Gregory | 07/30/15 8:26 AM

    Imagine a time when your health records don't simply contain a history of the conditions you've been treated for, but instead include a personal genetic map that reveals the diseases you're at greatest risk of developing and the best way to treat those conditions if they do arise. Read more.

  • Business Summit Explores Pillars for Prosperity

    by Editor | 07/28/15 12:15 PM

    Bill Goodman talks with Kentucky Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dave Adkisson about the organization’s annual business summit now underway in Louisville, and the group’s new report about creating a culture of competitiveness in the state. Read more.

  • Jobs and Wages; No Simple Solutions

    by John Gregory | 07/28/15 8:19 AM

    Kentucky's unemployment rate for June was 5.1 percent. That's nearly a point and a half lower than the rate for June 2014. Plus the commonwealth's jobless rate remains below the national average. Read more.

  • Help for Single Parents

    by John Gregory | 07/28/15 8:15 AM

    The student-residents of Family Scholar House prove that nothing succeeds like success. In the past nine years, some 250 clients of the Louisville-based non-profit have moved from homelessness to earning college degrees. About three-quarters of them left government assistance within months of completing their studies and now hold good-paying jobs in their chosen fields. Read more.

  • Candidates Warm Up for Fancy Farm

    by John Gregory | 07/25/15 9:16 AM

    You could consider last week's Kentucky Farm Bureau gubernatorial candidate forum a warm- up of sorts for the upcoming Fancy Farm political picnic. Except the crowd was dressed better and didn't try to shout down the speakers. Read more.

  • The Tangled Web of State Tax Reform

    by John Gregory | 07/21/15 8:07 AM

    Most everybody agrees the state needs more money. Read more.

  • Advocates Present Kentucky Education Report Card

    by John Gregory | 07/21/15 12:20 AM

    In the 25 years since the landmark Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) was passed, the state's public school system has improved on numerous benchmarks. But with ever tightening budgets, can those gains be sustained into the future? Read more.