KET Legislative Coverage


  • With Edelen Out, Where Does That Leave Governor's Race?

    by John Gregory | 06/23/14 11:49 AM

    The 2015 contest for Kentucky governor has shifted again as another high-profile Democrat opted not to run. Read more.

  • Changing How We Think About Architecture

    by John Gregory | 06/18/14 8:41 AM

    When Boston-based architect Stephen Chung found himself unemployed during the recession a few years ago, he conceived the idea of doing a television show that helps people understand the value of architecture. Most of our daily lives are spent in some kind of building, he reasoned, so why not guide viewers to a better appreciation for the work and creativity that goes into making those structures? Read more.

  • Kentucky Retirement System Has Problems yet "Fundamentally Sound"

    by John Gregory | 06/17/14 5:08 PM

    During the last legislative session, a teacher hoping to retire called Rep. Brent Yonts' office in Frankfort. The individual was crying because of being been told he couldn't retire because the state pension system was bankrupt. Read more.

  • Sex and Violence: Changing Attitudes and Speaking Up

    by John Gregory | 06/17/14 10:15 AM

    The term "rape culture" has been around for about 40 years, and refers to a society where sexual violence, especially against women, may be a normal, even tolerated, behavior. Read more.

  • State Budget Shortfall; Congressional Strategies

    by John Gregory | 06/16/14 2:21 PM

    It's news that nobody in Frankfort wanted to hear: State budget officials announced Tuesday that they expect a significant revenue shortfall in Kentucky's fiscal year 2014 budget. Read more.

  • Newscaster Jean Cochran Talks About Her NPR Days and More

    by John Gregory | 06/12/14 8:42 AM

    There's a certain kind of familiarity that develops when you wake up to the same voice year after year. Jean Cochran had the privilege of being one of those voices for three decades as a newscaster for NPR. Read more.

  • Life Coach: Value Diversity and Human Potential

    by John Gregory | 06/11/14 12:38 PM

    As workplaces across Kentucky and the nation become more diverse, human resource professional Colene Elridge encourages businesses to embrace these changes as one way to enhance the bottom line. Read more.

  • Foreign Policy Roundtable

    by John Gregory | 06/10/14 3:26 PM

    Kentucky Tonight took a break from state politics and local issues to explore recent events in international news and the Obama Administration's approach to foreign policy. From tensions between Ukraine and Russia, to the exchange of a captured U.S. Army soldier for five Taliban fighters, global affairs remain a challenge for the president and the American military and diplomatic corps. Read more.

  • Lost Chances, Old Wounds, and Poverty: Berry and Klotter Offer Lessons for Future

    by John Gregory | 06/10/14 10:42 AM

    Kentucky is a state steeped in history, yet has that affection for the old times kept the commonwealth from moving forward into a better future? Read more.

  • EPA Proposals Not Popular in Either Senate Camp

    by John Gregory | 06/09/14 2:22 PM

    As state regulators continue to sift through the Obama administration’s new, 645-page proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions, Kentucky’s Senate candidates wasted no time in taking stands against the historic proposal. Those stories headlined this weekend's Comment on Kentucky. Read more.