KET Legislative Coverage


  • Medical Review Panel Measure Heads to Senate Docket

    by Renee Shaw | 02/06/15 1:53 PM

    Legislation to establish a three-member, independent review process for medical negligence complaints against health care providers moved out of a state government committee on Wednesday. Read more.

  • Rep. Andy Barr: One to One from Washington

    by John Gregory | 02/06/15 1:52 PM

    As he starts his second term in Congress, Rep. Andy Barr is part of the largest Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives since the Hoover administration. Now with the GOP also in control of the Senate, Barr says he's eager to get to work solving the big problems facing the country. Read more.

  • Rep. Thomas Massie: One to One from Washington

    by John Gregory | 02/06/15 1:51 PM

    Congressman Thomas Massie seems to enjoy his role as an outsider. The conservative Republican supports term limits, he won't vote on bills he hasn't read, and he opposed Rep. John Boehner's re-election as House Speaker. Read more.

  • Rep. John Yarmuth: One to One from Washington

    by John Gregory | 02/06/15 1:49 PM

    Congressman John Yarmuth says President Lyndon Johnson underestimated the consequences of signing the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Louisvillian jokes that the legislation cost Democrats the South for far longer than the generation LBJ predicted. Read more.

  • Local Option Sales Tax: Pros and Cons

    by John Gregory | 02/03/15 4:06 PM

    Some use the descriptive moniker of local option sales tax, or LOST. Read more.

  • Rep. Brett Guthrie: One to One from Washington

    by John Gregory | 02/03/15 1:16 PM

    Congressman Brett Guthrie attributes the negative relations between House Republicans and the Obama administration to a 2011 speech at George Washington University. There, President Obama publicly dissected the GOP budget plan with its author, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, sitting in the front row of the audience. Read more.

  • A Recap of Candidate Filings for 2015 Statewide Races

    by John Gregory | 02/03/15 1:14 PM

    The 2015 primary election season in Kentucky looks to be a spirited contest among a bumper crop of Republican candidates, while most Democratic contenders for statewide office are running with little or no primary opposition. Read more.

  • Rep. Ed Whitfield: One to One from Washington

    by John Gregory | 02/02/15 10:35 AM

    Despite a lot of talk about the middle class, Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield says the Obama administration has done very little to help struggling Americans through difficult economic times. Read more.

  • As School Marks Milestone, UK President Looks to the Future

    by John Gregory | 02/02/15 10:33 AM

    As the University of Kentucky celebrates its 150th anniversary with events to honor its rich history, school officials are recommitting UK to address challenges of the future. Read more.

  • Rep. Hal Rogers: One to One From Washington

    by John Gregory | 02/02/15 10:31 AM

    With Republicans now in control of the U.S. Senate and House, Rep. Hal Rogers is eager to get back to the regular order - that is, the traditional process of debating, amending, and voting on legislation, which he says had been stymied for four years by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Read more.