KET Legislative Coverage


  • Craft Brewers Score Legislative Victory

    by Renee Shaw | 03/05/15 4:11 PM

    Proponents of a much-publicized measure are jubilant at the final passage Wednesday of the embattled Beer Bill, which is now on its way to the governor's desk for his signature. Read more.

  • Legislative Update: March 4, 2015

    by Joyce West | 03/05/15 10:56 AM

    After contentious debate, a bill that changes the rules for beer distribution in Kentucky won final passage in the Legislature and is on its way to the governor’s office to become law. Read more.

  • Beer Bill Advances to Full Senate

    by Renee Shaw | 03/04/15 3:22 PM

    Both sides of the so-called “Beer Bill” before the Kentucky General Assembly argued themes of competition, fairness, and jobs before a Senate committee yesterday. House Speaker Greg Stumbo (D-Prestonsburg) said his House Bill 168 creates a level playing field for beer distributors by having them abide by the same rules as wine and distilled spirits. Read more.

  • Legislative Update: March 3, 2015

    by Joyce West | 03/04/15 1:00 PM

    Representatives from the local and national beer industry were in Frankfort discussing the pros and cons of a proposed distribution law, and legislators take up other issues in the capital on March 3, 2015. Host Renee Shaw discusses the highlights. Read more.

  • Telephone Deregulation Bill Awaits Governor's Signature

    by Renee Shaw | 03/03/15 1:50 PM

    A telecommunications deregulation package that failed in previous General Assembly sessions finally gained the traction it needed for final passage. The measure, nicknamed the “AT&T Bill” for the lobbying efforts of that company, cleared a Senate committee and then the full chamber on Monday. Read more.

  • Legislative Update: March 2, 2015

    by Joyce West | 03/03/15 10:01 AM

    Kentucky state legislators take up a host of issues in Frankfort, including telephone deregulation, domestic violence, and dextromethorphan abuse. Host Renee Shaw discusses the day’s highlights. Read more.

  • Senate Debt Limit Measure Moves to the House

    by Renee Shaw | 03/02/15 2:35 PM

    Another attempt to limit state debt sparked a pitched battle in the Senate on Friday. It's become a hallmark of the Republican legislative agenda to reign in debt incurred by the state, and their perennial efforts are likely to meet their perennial defeat in the Democratically controlled House. Read more.

  • Heroin Bills Still Face Hurdles

    by John Gregory | 03/02/15 2:33 PM

    There appears to be widespread bipartisan consensus in Frankfort that lawmakers must pass a measure to address the heroin scourge in Kentucky. Yet the fate of the legislation remains uncertain as competing House and Senate measures differ on significant points. Read more.

  • 55,000 Degrees Works for More College Diplomas in Louisville

    by John Gregory | 02/27/15 2:34 PM

    When Louisville and Jefferson County governments merged in 2003, city leaders commissioned a study to see how the metro area ranked against 14 competitor communities. Some of the results were disturbing: Louisville ranked in the bottom tier of cities for adults with high school diplomas, and next to last for people with bachelor's degrees. Read more.

  • Heroin Debate Continues; Senate Panel Moves on Rape Kit Backlog

    by Renee Shaw | 02/27/15 2:30 PM

    Treating addicts and shutting down heroin distribution are the two main objectives of Senate Bill 5, sponsored by Sen. Chris McDaniel (R- Taylor Mill). Heroin-related overdoses have more than tripled in the last three years in his northern Kentucky district. Read more.