KET Legislative Coverage


  • Not the '70s Anymore: Activist Says New Feminism Reaches Out to More Diverse Groups

    by John Gregory | 08/06/14 9:28 AM

    Judi Jennings has had a long and fruitful career of helping to give voice to women artists and rural citizens who want to create a better future for the commonwealth. Read more.

  • Chuck Todd Digs into Kentucky Politics

    by John Gregory | 08/05/14 8:49 AM

    NBC News political analyst-and avowed political junkie-Chuck Todd smiles when he says Kentucky is the place to be over the next few years. Coming up are what’s likely to be a $100 million race for U.S. Senate this fall, one of only two open gubernatorial contests in 2015, and a leading Republican contender for president in 2016. Read more.

  • Fancy Farm Live Blog

    by John Gregory | 08/02/14 2:22 PM

    5:00 p.m.: Thanks for following this blog and for watching KET’s coverage. Be sure to visit our Fancy Farm webpage, where we’ll be posting video of all of today’s speeches. And tune in Monday at 8 p.m. for a one-hour recap of highlights of the speeches and commentary. Read more.

  • A Roundup of Our Fancy Farm Preview Coverage

    by John Gregory | 08/02/14 1:04 PM

    Here’s a listing of the articles and videos we’ve produced to prepare you for today’s Fancy Farm festivities: Read more.

  • Emcee Embraces the History of Fancy Farm

    by John Gregory | 08/02/14 7:00 AM

    The experience won't be totally unfamiliar when Bill Cunningham takes the stage at St. Jerome Parish today to emcee the Fancy Farm political speeches. The western Kentucky native spoke on that very stage eight years ago when he was a candidate for the Kentucky Supreme Court. So Justice Cunningham knows what it's like to face the traditionally boisterous Fancy Farm crowd. Read more.

  • Five Takeaways from Comment on Kentucky's Fancy Farm Preview

    by John Gregory | 08/02/14 1:03 AM

    The journalists on Comment on Kentucky took their show on the road this weekend, traveling to Graves County for the annual Fancy Farm picnic. With the summer sun setting in the background, and the smell of barbeque wafting through the air, the panel discussed what lies ahead for the politicians who will speak at this year's event. Here are five take-aways from their conversation. Read more.

  • Naomi Judd Offers Inside View of Ashley's Senate Race Decision

    by John Gregory | 07/30/14 11:45 AM

    It's not uncommon for parents to help their child sort through the pros and cons of a life-changing decision like a major career move. Read more.

  • Contraception and Religion: Hobby Lobby Ruling Raises Questions

    by John Gregory | 07/30/14 8:23 AM

    The Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case not only struck a blow to part of the Affordable Care Act, but it also raised substantial questions about how corporate personhood could encompass religious beliefs. The panelists on Monday's Kentucky Tonight program tried to untangle these thorny issues as they discussed the Hobby Lobby decision. Read more.

  • Louisville Doctor Fights Cervical Cancer Around the Globe

    by John Gregory | 07/28/14 2:55 PM

    In 2005, Dr. Bob Hilgers founded the Kentucky Cervical Cancer Coalition to raise awareness about the disease and its impact on women in the commonwealth. The state has some of the highest incidence and mortality rates of cervical cancer in the country. Read more.

  • New Ads, New Tactics in Senate Race, But What's the Truth?

    by John Gregory | 07/28/14 11:54 AM

    With just days before the annual Fancy Farm political picnic, the U.S. Senate race continues to gain momentum as the candidates unleash a new round of television ads. Read more.