KET Legislative Coverage


  • Kellie Blair Hardt's Path to Success

    by John Gregory | 10/03/15 11:35 AM

    Some might say that Kellie Blair Hardt has succeeded despite her upbringing. She had an absent mother and an alcoholic father, and struggled with homelessness, bullying, and expulsion from school. Read more.

  • Commissioner of Agriculture Candidates

    by John Gregory | 09/29/15 9:58 AM

    Candidates running for the state Commissioner of Agriculture appeared on Monday's edition of Kentucky Tonight on KET. The program featured Republican Ryan Quarles and Democrat Jean-Marie Lawson Spann. Read more.

  • Rep. John Yarmuth

    by John Gregory | 09/28/15 4:54 PM

    In June, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth announced that he would seek a sixth term in Congress. As a self-described progressive and the state's lone Democrat in Washington, Yarmuth says he still wants to have a voice on important issues facing the commonwealth and the nation. Read more.

  • News of the Week: Sept. 25, 2015

    by John Gregory | 09/26/15 11:11 AM

    While the historic visit by Pope Francis dominated much of the week's news, it was Friday's surprise announcement by U.S. House Speaker John Boehner that will likely have greater repercussions for Washington politics. Read more.

  • Olmsted's 'Parks for the People'

    by Patrick Reed | 09/24/15 3:41 PM

    Known as the "father of landscape architecture," Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. will forever be associated with such iconic landmarks as New York City's Central Park, the United States Capitol Grounds, and North Carolina's Biltmore Estate. Read more.

  • Pontiff Highlights Famous Kentuckians

    by Editor | 09/24/15 3:39 PM

    In his speech to Congress today, Pope Francis paid tribute to three men with ties to the commonwealth. See what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Congressman John Yarmuth, and former Congressman Ron Mazzoli had to say about the pontiff’s visit to Capitol Hill. Read more.

  • Prominent Kentuckians in the U.S. Senate: John Sherman Cooper

    by John Gregory | 09/24/15 10:36 AM

    You might not expect Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to name as his hero a man who dropped out of Harvard Law School, lost two reelection bids, and was so absent-minded that he once campaigned in the wrong state. That man, however, is John Sherman Cooper, the Somerset Republican who represented the commonwealth in the U.S. Senate for 20 years, and served as American Ambassador to India and East Germany. Read more.

  • Dropping Back In: The Makers Coalition

    by Editor | 09/22/15 3:34 PM

    It was a matter of putting two and two together and coming up with four.
    America was experiencing a resurgence in the production of things "Made in the U.S.A." Almost overnight, an industry that had for years struggled to survive against foreign competition was again in need of skilled workers, while many skilled workers were in search of work. Read more.

  • Candidates for Secretary of State

    by John Gregory | 09/22/15 9:23 AM

    Candidates running for the office of Kentucky Secretary of State appeared on Monday's edition of Kentucky Tonight on KET. The show featured incumbent Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and Republican Stephen L. Knipper. Read more.

  • David Gregory on Politics and Faith

    by Patrick Reed | 09/21/15 9:21 AM

    David Gregory, known to political news observers for more than 20 years as reporter, commentator, and moderator, is on a new quest. The former moderator of for NBC News’ "Meet the Press" is excited about releasing his first book, "How's Your Faith? An Unlikely Spiritual Journey” which testifies to the restorative powers of renewed spiritual commitment during adulthood. Read more.