KET Legislative Coverage


  • Snowbound, But Some Students and Lawmakers Hit the Books

    by John Gregory | 02/24/15 3:32 PM

    Even as school students and some lawmakers enjoyed several snow days, the journalists on Comment on Kentucky braved the elements to review the week's news. Read more.

  • State Senators Debate Student Rights Issues

    by Renee Shaw | 02/20/15 4:51 PM

    While the Kentucky House remained in snowy weather recess, state senators convened to tackle bills dealing with student speech rights and restroom use of transgender students. Read more.

  • Coming Home: Marine's Novel Explores Life After War

    by John Gregory | 02/17/15 2:01 PM

    When a Marine veteran returns to his home and family in central Kentucky, he carries the mental scars of what he experienced during his tour of duty in Afghanistan. His journey through post-traumatic stress disorder forms the plot of "Black Walls Turn Gray," a new novel by Brad Jones. The Lexington writer appeared on One to One to discuss the book and his military service with host Bill Goodman. Read more.

  • Smoking Ban Clears Major Hurdle

    by Renee Shaw | 02/17/15 1:34 PM

    It's taken five years, but an embattled bill to ban indoor smoking in all workplaces and public spaces finally received a vote by the full House on Friday. Read more.

  • House Tackles Smoking Ban, Heroin Abuse

    by John Gregory | 02/17/15 1:30 PM

    The rush of legislative action continued last week as state lawmakers prepared for the Presidents' Day break. The panel on Comment on Kentucky reviewed recent actions on bills in the General Assembly, ranging from smoking and heroin, to dating violence and off-year elections. Read more.

  • KCTCS President Jay Box: 'Fulfill Those Dreams'

    by John Gregory | 02/17/15 1:27 PM

    As a graduate of a small Texas community college, Jay Box has an affinity for the institutions once known as junior colleges. Now Box oversees a statewide network of 70 campuses and nearly 100,000 students as the president of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Read more.

  • House Approves Constitutional Amendments and Civil Protections for Dating Couples

    by Renee Shaw | 02/13/15 3:01 PM

    House Speaker Greg Stumbo draws from the political lexicon to use phrases like "home rule" and "local control" to describe the advantages of his top legislative priority. His House Bill 1 to create local option sales taxes has been endorsed by all living Kentucky governors, and similar legislation has been passed by 37 other states. Read more.

  • Heroin and Phone Deregulation Plans Gain Momentum

    by Renee Shaw | 02/12/15 2:32 PM

    A Hopkinsville Democrat contends that building more prisons is the wrong answer to the heroin scourge. Rep. John Tilley said his House Bill 213 offers a different approach that balances treatment and incarceration to combat the drug. Read more.

  • Minimum Wage Hike Plan Advances Amid Partisan Rift

    by Renee Shaw | 02/12/15 2:31 PM

    Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo (D-Prestonsburg) believes it's time to raise the minimum wage, and he muscled his plan through the House yesterday with the predictability of a partisan split. Read more.

  • Telephone Deregulation

    by John Gregory | 02/10/15 7:55 PM

    In the years ahead, will your personal or business calls travel by wire to a local telephone exchange, or be transferred as packets of data across the Internet, or skip through the ether without the need of any wires? Read more.