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NKU's Geoffrey Mearns

by Editor | 02/10/14 4:32 AM

Geoffrey Mearns, president of Northern Kentucky University, took a different career path than most college presidents. He began his career in law and worked as a federal prosecutor before entering academia. Learn more on One to One with Bill Goodman.

He worked as a prosecutor in New York on mobster cases, then moved to North Carolina before being assigned to work on the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing case.

After that case he went to Cleveland, where he went into private practice and then a law school dean at Cleveland State University. “It was an opportunity to bring together a variety of things that mattered a great deal to me: the legal profession, education, and public service,” he said.
He served as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs at Cleveland State before becoming president of NKU in 2012.

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