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Changing How We Think About Architecture

by John Gregory | 06/18/14 8:41 AM

When Boston-based architect Stephen Chung found himself unemployed during the recession a few years ago, he conceived the idea of doing a television show that helps people understand the value of architecture. Most of our daily lives are spent in some kind of building, he reasoned, so why not guide viewers to a better appreciation for the work and creativity that goes into making those structures?

After seven years, Chung's idea became a reality with the four-part public television series, Cool Spaces! The Best New Architecture.

Although the programs feature specific buildings around the country, Chung tells KET's Bill Goodman that he wanted the series to focus on the people responsible for those structures.

Chung says design teams not only consider the engineering and aesthetics of a building, but also ask deeper questions about the fundamental functions of certain spaces. On one program Chung explores the nature of public libraries. Should they be quiet spaces filled with physical books, the traditional concept? Or can they be more vibrant public spaces where people can congregate, explore new technology, and foster a creative energy?

Another example he presents is the Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas. Chung explores the collaboration that developed between the renowned architect Frank Gehry and the building's patron, Larry Ruvo, to create the unique combination of a public space and an Alzheimer’s disease treatment facility.

Watch the full conversation with Stephen Chung on One to One.