KET Education Resources on Lincoln

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  • Especially for classroom use, KET has identified 31 video segments from KET productions useful for teaching about Lincoln and his times. Cross-reference chart of KET video and Bicentennial Teachers Network lesson plans are from the KET documentary “Lincoln: I, too, am a Kentuckian.” These segments are available in their entirety online.
  • Two audio segments of actor Sam Waterston speaking in the character of Lincoln are available online. These are the entire Gettysburg Address and a segment from the Lincoln-Douglas debate.
  • Educators have created lesson plans at all grade levels using the KET video segments. These lesson plans are available online as printable PDF files.
  • Plan field trips to some of the many sites in Kentucky that relate to Lincoln’s life and can enrich your students’ learning. Read educator Clara Fulkerson’s Lincoln Field Trip Guide for Teachers.
  • You may also want to have your students explore the Lincoln and His Times timeline. This timeline features key events in the life of Lincoln as well as information about what else was going on in Kentucky, the nation, and the world and is enriched with photographs and images.
  • Have your students test their knowledge of Lincoln-related sites in Kentucky (and test your own!) with the interactive Abe Across Kentucky quiz.
  • How tall was Lincoln? Why is he on the penny? Let your students discover the answers to these and other Lincoln FAQs (Fascinating Abe Questions).

Additional Lincoln Education Resources

KET’s Lincoln education resources were supported in part by a grant from the Kentucky Historical Society and the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.