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Mary Todd Lincoln House

Location: 578 West Main St. Lexington, KY
Phone: (859) 233-9999
Costs: Small per-student admission charge; contact web site for current prices.
Online resources: Web site Education page includes downloadable booklet, walking tour, and information about the Todd family, along with an online gallery of photos of rooms in the house.
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The Mary Todd Lincoln House

The Lexington sites, The Mary Todd Lincoln House and Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate, offer a view into the childhood of Mary Todd and the politics of the time. As we prepared for this trip, I emphasized to the students the contrast in the way that Abraham Lincoln grew up and the way that Mary Todd grew up. The students generally begin to realize that the likelihood that these two people would have met, married, and shared the White House should have been very small given their upbringings.

Other good activities would include drawing connections between the Clay and Todd families and comparing and contrasting the two houses.

Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate

Location: 120 Sycamore Road, Lexington, KY 40502
Phone: (859) 266-8581
Fax: (859) 268-7266
Costs: Small per-student admission charged; contact web site for current prices.
Online resources: The web site includes information about Henry Clay and the estate, along with pre-field trip handouts.
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Lincoln’s Admiration for Henry Clay

Ashland offers basic tours geared to two grade groupings (grades 2-5 and 6-12), as well as special hands-on tours in certain months of the year. Visit Ashland’s field trips web site page for more information.

The Mary Todd Lincoln House is also significant in that it is the first home restored in honor of a first lady. The story of the ownership of the house through the years and the reclamation and renovation of the house is worth the time to research and share with students.

Because of the more museum-like nature of these sites, students will benefit from pre-visit activities. The web sites for both houses provide a great research base for students’ pre-visit study of the sites.