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Location: 3033 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205
Phone: (502) 452-9920 Fax (502) 456-1976
Costs: Small per-student admission fee; contact site for current prices.
Online resources: Online Teacher Packets include Farmington history, vocabulary list, timeline, and other information. There are also descriptions of the various programs and activities available to student groups.

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Detective for a Day

One way you might choose to begin a field trip study of Lincoln would be to “begin at the beginning” with the sites in the Hodgenville area. Because of the timing of the grants I was able to obtain, I chose to begin our adventures with Farmington in Louisville. The students who started with me at Farmington were left with an impression that remained with them through all our trips. Those students often made statements about the connections between what they learned at Farmington and what they learned on subsequent trips.

At Farmington, the students and I were quite impressed by the 17-minute multimedia presentation with which we began our tour. The visual and audio effects of the presentation reflect a well-planned and executed plan for the development of Farmington.

After the multimedia presentation, the students and I began a tour of the grounds and house. I had prepared the students with the teacher resource materials from the Farmington web site. The day before the trip we examined information from the Farmington web site and discussed the lives and lifestyle of those who lived at Farmington. Resources from the Historic Homes Foundation web site provided good background information.

After the tour of house and grounds, we went to the carriage house, where Farmington staff led the students through a “Detective for a Day” activity. The students used many of the documents we examined in the pre-visit activities during their time at Farmington. I believe this resulted in a much more meaningful visit and better memories of the students’ visit to the site.