Facts and Fun for All Lincoln Fans

Are you ready to take the Abe Across Kentucky challenge? Want to know more about Kentucky’s most famous son, Abraham Lincoln, and his life and influence? Need Lincoln resources and lesson plans for your classroom?

In honor of the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth near Hodgenville, Ky., KET offers a wide array of programs, educational materials and online resources.

Abe on DVD

The Kentucky Life special Lincoln: ‘I, too, am a Kentuckian’ follows the trail that took Lincoln from his birth in a log cabin on the Kentucky frontier to the White House—and into history. Find out more about the documentary or the Lincoln Bicentennial Gala.

Lincoln Lore

Find out about major events in Lincoln’s life and what else was going on in Kentucky, the nation, and the world using KET’s Lincoln and His Times timeline.

Test your knowledge of events and places in Kentucky important in Lincoln’s life in the Abe Across Kentucky quiz.

Learn interesting details about Lincoln the man as you explore the Lincoln FAQs (Fascinating Abe Questions) feature.

Lincoln for the Classroom

Especially for educators, KET has selected 31 short video segments from Lincoln: ‘I, too, am a Kentuckian’ and other KET productions. Numerous other Lincoln education resources are online, including lesson plans and idea cards for K-12.

In January 2009, KET distributed copies of “Lincoln: The Kentucky Years” to all Kentucky public schools. PDFs: Info Sheet on the DVD, Activity Ideas and KET Use Questionnaire.

KET’s Lincoln programs and resources were supported by grants from the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, the Kentucky Historical Society, and the Kentucky Arts Council.

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