Lincoln: ‘I, Too, Am a Kentuckian.’

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The Lincoln Wedding: A Kentucky Life Special features a reenactment of the wedding of Lincoln’s parents. It is available in two versions:
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a Kentucky Life special

Though Abraham Lincoln left Kentucky as a boy, he maintained close ties to the state of his birth throughout his life. His wife, his best friend, and his law partners and business associates were all Kentuckians. And as president during the Civil War, he considered the control of Kentucky to be absolutely critical to maintaining the Union.

Lincoln: ‘I, Too, Am a Kentuckian.’, a special expanded edition of Kentucky Life, follows the trail that took Lincoln from his birth in a log cabin on the Kentucky frontier to the White House—and into history. Host Dave Shuffett visits Lincoln’s birthplace outside Hodgenville and the Knob Creek farm of his boyhood; tours historic sites associated with his wife, Lexington native Mary Todd Lincoln, and lifelong friend and confidant Joshua Speed of Louisville; journeys to Indiana and Illinois in the footsteps of the Lincoln family; walks the fields of Gettysburg; and tours our nation’s capital to ponder the enduring legacy of this extraordinary man.

Produced in high definition, Lincoln: ‘I, Too, Am a Kentuckian.’ premiered during KET’s TeleFund 2008.

An expanded description of the program and links to many of the places visited are available on the Kentucky Life web site.

Numerous video segments from the program are available online especially for classroom use.