More Resources on Abraham Lincoln

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  • Lincoln Home
    The National Parks web site for Lincoln’s home in Springfield, IL features information about Lincoln and photo essays and tours of the home. There is also a teachers section that includes lessons and activities.
  • Mary Todd Lincoln House
    This web site has information on the Mary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington, KY as well as downloadable activities and grant opportunities.
  • Abraham Lincoln Birthplace
    This web site tells the history of Lincoln’s birthplace. There is also a teachers section with curriculum materials including lesson plans and activities.


  • Lincoln Bicentennial 1809-2009
    The official Lincoln Bicentennial web site has lots of information on Lincoln and includes a special teachers section with lesson plans, podcasts, printed materials, videos, web sites, and reading lists. The web site also has a kids section. In this section you can find reading lists, quizzes, projects, and contests.
  • Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial
    On this web site you can learn about Lincoln sites in Kentucky. There are also educational resources, grants, photo galleries, and the biography of Lincoln’s life in Kentucky.
  • “Lincoln: A Man for All Times”
    This web site offers information and samples of a classroom kit that includes an original six song/30-minute musical play with a demo and performance soundtrack; prop/costuming ideas; full video performance on DVD; scenic design ideas; and lesson plans.
  • Kentucky Arts Council Lincoln Bicentennial Projects
    Find out about plays, concerts, art exhibits, and other Lincoln Bicentennial projects across the state funded by grants from the Kentucky Arts Council.


  • The White House
    The White House web site features biographies of all past presidents and first ladies which includes Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • America’s Story from America’s Library
    The America’s Story web site features a biography of Lincoln, stories from his youth, interesting facts such as what was in Lincoln’s pockets when he was assassinated, a timeline, and a book list.
  • Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress
    You can read the actual handwritten documents of Abraham Lincoln, including his speeches and private letters.
  • The Lincoln Institute
    The Lincoln Institute web site has daily facts that pertain to Lincoln. It also has teacher and student sections as well as a biography of Lincoln, political cartoons, timelines, projects, and lesson plans.
  • Abraham Lincoln Research Site
    This web site has a biography of Lincoln which includes links to topics where you can read more in depth about the people Lincoln knew and places he lived and visited during his life.
  • American President: An Online Reference Resource
    The University of Virginia’s Miller Center web site features a biography, facts, and speeches of Lincoln.
  • Abraham Lincoln-Presidential Library-Museum-Foundation
    The education section of this web site features teacher resource guides and lesson plans.
  • Library of Congress- Mr. Lincoln’s Virtual Library
    The Library of Congress web site has texts, maps, photos, sheet music, lesson ideas, and related web sites that all pertain to Lincoln and the time of Lincoln.
  • Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project
    This web site features a biography, photos, writings, songs, videos, and lesson plans.
  • Abraham Lincoln
    The History Channel web site features a biography of Lincoln as well as a timeline, video, speeches, and a quiz about Lincoln.
  • The Lincoln Log
    This site incorporates Lincoln Day-by-Day: A Chronology, compiled by the Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission with the cooperation and support of the Abraham Lincoln Association and published by the Government Printing Office in 1960. You can choose a day, month, and year from his life and find out what is known about Lincoln’s activities on that day and read the original source materials from which the information came.