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Bobbie Ann Mason

Some online sources for more about Bobbie Ann:

bookclub@ket: Two works by Bobbie Ann have been bookclub selections: the short-story collection Midnight Magic in July 1999 and the family memoir Clear Springs in December 2001.

Bobbie Ann Mason’s Home Page, created by students at Eastern Illinois University, includes a biography, summaries of selected works, and links to more sites.

In 1995, Bobbie Ann and Ed both participated in SignatureLIVE, in which they talked with Kentucky high school students on the air and online. Our web page includes the transcripts of the computer bulletin-board exchanges.

Bobbie Ann’s entry on the EducETH Reading List focuses on her novel In Country, with a synopsis, comments from teachers and students, and links to background information.

Two more online interviews: from The Atlantic (September 2001) and from The WAG (January 2002)

Understanding Bobbie Ann Mason, a review of a book by that name by Joanna Price, includes some commentary on Bobbie Ann’s writing style.