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Snow Day
by Gurney Norman

      I went to Rock Creek School. I was in the first grade. During recess it come a big snow. Miss Keck said for us to all get home quick before it got too deep to walk. On the way up Trace Fork me and Randall and Clifton got to throwing snowballs at one another. We didn’t have any gloves on. The snow was two or three inches deep by then and still falling. I scooped up a bunch of snow and made a snowball. I felt a sting in my left hand and then there was blood all over my snowball. A piece of glass was in the snow and it cut my hand. My hand was real cold and it didn’t hurt. I stood in the road looking at my hand and at my blood dripping on the snow. I yelled out to Randall and Clifton that I had cut my hand. They come running over to see. Then we all took off running up the road. I lived in the furthest-up house so I walked the last part by myself. There wasn’t any cars coming and no other people outdoors but me. Everything was real quiet. I stood still and looked around at the world. The trees had snow on them. I heard the snow pecking on the leaves. There was snow on the creek banks and on the rocks in the middle of the creek. Snow filled the whole air around me. I breathed it in my nose. The wind was blowing some but I didn’t feel cold. I watched my blood make red splashes on the snow. I held my hand out and turned around and around to make it drip in a circle. Pretty quick the red disappeared under new snow. Up the hill I could see the corner of Grandma’s house through the trees. I decided to get off the road and walk straight uphill through the trees to the house. There was mistletoe in some of the trees, and hazel bushes and laurel in the woods. There was a big rock on the hillside that had a ledge sticking out for a shelter. I got back in under there and squatted down and looked out. I liked it in there and didn’t want to leave but I was cold now and had to get home. When I come out from under the ledge I saw a soldier in a red uniform standing among the trees. He had a tall red hat on and a red cape and black boots and a sword at his side. He looked me in the eye. Then he reached around and took his cape off and wrapped it around my shoulders. A little while later I woke up under my own quilts in my bed. Grandma felt of my forehead. She asked if I was warm. I was toasty warm. I wanted to go back to sleep and sleep a long time more.

© copyright 2002, Gurney Norman. All rights reserved.