Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center Conference 2007

Making Money Matter: Maximizing Student Achievement with Our Investments in Education

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In any discussion of wise investments for Kentucky’s future, increasing spending on education is at the top of many policymakers’ priority lists. But how exactly should education funds be targeted in order to have the greatest impact? What specific expenditures will best help boost students’ academic achievement?

The Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center, established by the General Assembly in 1992 to provide research and foster discussion on issues that will affect the state’s future, focused on questions of how best to invest education funds in its annual public policy conference for 2007. Held at the Lexington Convention Center on November 13, the event featured panel discussions among Kentucky educators and policymakers as well as national experts on subjects ranging from early childhood education to teacher compensation.

The KET documentary Making Money Matter, available for online viewing, includes highlights from conference sessions as well as reflections by participants. KET also produced a live full-day webcast of the conference, and the sessions are also archived online. The day’s agenda is outlined below; click on a title to view that session. All of the videos are in Windows Media® and RealVideo® format. Visit the KLTPRC web site for further information on the issues and the speakers.

Conference Sessions

  • Welcome/Setting the Context (24:58)
    Brad Cowgill, President, Council on Postsecondary Education; Chair, Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center
    Dr. Bob Sexton, Executive Director, Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
    David Adkisson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • The Dynamic Global Labor Market (57:03)
    Dr. Marc Tucker, President and CEO, National Center on Education and the Economy
  • Educational Progress in Kentucky (29:30)
    Dr. Amy Watts, Policy Analyst, Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center
  • The Effects and Cost-Effectiveness of Educational Investments (41:50)
    Michael T. Childress, Executive Director, Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center
  • 2007 Hellard Award/Keynote Address (49:53)
    Hellard Award recipient: John R. Hall, civic leader, philanthropist, and former CEO of Ashland Inc.
    Keynote address: Doug Mesecar, Acting Assistant Secretary for Planning Evaluation and Policy Development, U.S. Department of Education
  • Early Childhood Development (46:10)
    Dr. M. Rebecca Kilburn, RAND
    Rick Hulefeld, Children Inc.
    Dr. Kim Townley, University of Kentucky
  • The Achievement Gap (48:37)
    Ross Wiener, The Education Trust
    Claude W. Christian, Kentucky Department of Education
    Stu Silberman, Superintendent, Fayette County Schools
  • Teacher Compensation (52:20)
    Dr. Patrick J. Schuermann, Vanderbilt University
    Mary Ann Blankenship, Kentucky Education Association
    Dr. Allyson Hughes Handley, Council on Postsecondary Education
  • Wrap-Up (5:01)

This video coverage is provided by KET by arrangement with the Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center. Opinions expressed by conference speakers are their own.