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News Quiz is a 15-minute television round-up of current events for upper elementary and middle school students, produced live each week during the school year by KET. Many Kentucky teachers already use the program as a valuable social studies resource.

But News Quiz also can be used as a model for school video production of news programming. The 20-minute behind-the-scenes video Making News Quiz is designed to help with this approach. It follows the News Quiz production team for one week as they research news stories, locate and edit video footage, write scripts and quiz questions, plan the program, and bring all the elements together in a live studio production.

In addition to explaining the roles of the many people involved in a television production, Making News Quiz emphasizes the writing process. From pre-writing planning to the creation of a first draft to the long process of editing and revising—for content, audience appeal, and timing—you’ll see how all the steps of the writing process are critical to producing a finished script that’s both educational and fun.

Making News Quiz is available on videotape from KET. For information, call or e-mail KET Tape Duplication, (800) 945-9167.

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