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Each week’s News Quiz is only 15 minutes long (14:30, to be exact), but the finished program represents several days’ worth of finding and sifting through news stories, writing and rewriting scripts, creating and proofreading on-screen graphics, and choosing and editing videotape. Here’s how a typical week goes for the content and production crew. All the times are approximate, of course, because the news doesn’t stick to a schedule!

On the chart below ...

W = Writer
P = Producer
D = Director
A = Education Adviser
G = Graphic Artist/Operator
I = Intern/Production Assistant

(See Meet the Team for more about the people involved in the program.)

When Who What
DAILY P W A D Scan newspapers and magazines and watch news shows for story ideas. Find and print rundowns of available CNN video from the Internet.
THU, 2:30-4:00 pm W P D A I Story/content meeting.

P I Mark rundowns; note possible video and need for graphics.
THU pm to MON at 1:30 W Research and write stories and compose questions. Print copies for the first script reading.
MON am P I Pull recent rundowns from the Internet.
MON, 1:30-3:30 pm W P D A I Read, time, and adjust script; choose vocabulary words and terms.
MON pm-TUE am I P Search rundowns for possible video.
MON pm-TUE pm W Revise script.

I Pull CNN tapes and locate segments; take notes on video clips.
TUE am P Prepare list of pictures/graphics needed; mark script for graphics insertion.
TUE pm P Review video notes and segments for editing, as time allows; review and choose letter excerpts to use.

W E-mail revised script to producer for editing and prompter.

G Create specialized maps and other visuals and graphics.
WED am P D Do rough edit of roll-ins; adjust script if needed for video.

W Put questions, headlines, and links for current show on web site.
WED pm P D On-line edit session: Edit roll-ins and put graphics/stills on tape.

P After editing, compile lower-thirds (IDs and other graphics to be superimposed on screen) and credits; deliver these to graphics operator; compile roll-in list for tape operator, audio technician, and director; review script.
THU, 10:00 am-12:45 pm P D Format script for prompter; prepare to produce the show live.

I Print hard copies of script and distribute to talent and staff.

G Create text graphics (supers, questions/answers, letters, credits).

P Proof text graphics.

D Load stills from tape to the still store (a graphics machine that displays captured still images).
THU, 12:45-1:45 pm P D Rehearse with talent and crew.
THU, 1:45-2:00 pm P D G W Produce live show!

I Run TelePrompTer.

P D Fix any major errors (since the show will be aired again).
THU, 2:00-2:30 pm P I Print rundowns and video scripts from Internet; scan for possible stories.
THU, 2:30 pm W P D A I Story/content meeting: Come with ideas and start all over again!

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