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TV is definitely a collaborative medium! Planning and producing News Quiz each week requires the talents and skills of more than a dozen people.

The Content Team

Each week, these four members of the News Quiz production staff get together to plan, write, and revise the script for the 15-minute program (see the weekly timeline for details of the planning process). Sifting through current news stories, they choose those that are most important or most interesting for the program’s student audience. Because News Quiz is an instructional program, they are also responsible for making sure it meets its educational objectives.

Luralyn Lahr Producer
Luralyn Lahr

Responsible for planning the program. Runs meetings of the content production staff and helps form and revise program stories and questions. During program airing/recording, keeps time and gives cues for graphics, etc.

Duncan Hart Director
Duncan Hart

Responsible for the actual program production, both in the control room and on the set. Gives directions to crew members during the program: what to videotape and when, when to show on-screen graphics, etc. Also helps form and revise program stories and questions.

Ellen Ballard Writer
Ellen Ballard

Plans and researches program stories and questions; posts and updates text on the series web site.

Mary Duncan Education Adviser
Mary Duncan

Helps plan and research program stories and questions.

The Production Team

Many of these jobs are carried out by different people at different times. But all of them are critical to a successful production.

Missy Johnston Program Host
(in TV terms, “the talent”!)
Missy Johnston

Reads the program script from a camera TelePrompTer device and adds personality to the presentation. In her previous job at KET, Missy also designed the original News Quiz set.

Jim Piston Technical Director
Jim Piston

Takes direction from the director in the control room and operates the switcher to choose cameras, show on-screen graphics, and operate videotape “roll-ins” during the program.

Cindy Asher Graphic Designer
Cindy Asher

Designs and creates on-screen graphics for the program. During recording, makes the various graphics available as called for by the director.

Cara Baker TelePrompTer Operator
Cara Baker

Provides the TelePrompTer text for the talent to read from at the appropriate places in the program script. This job is usually one of the duties for each semester’s News Quiz intern.

Michael Follmer Camera Operator
Michael Follmer

(News Quiz usually has two.) Takes direction from the director, through headsets, of what to point the camera at and fill the visual frame with.

Tom Bickel Floor Director
Tom Bickel

Gives talent visual and oral cues on the set, taking direction via headsets from the program director in the control room.

Anne Deck Audio Engineer
Anne Deck

Sets up audio recording devices for the set and monitors levels during production.

Bob Hutchison Recording Engineer
Bob Hutchison

Records the program as it is being aired live for later broadcasts.

Adam Wilson Camera Engineer
Adam Wilson

Checks and aligns the output of the different cameras to make sure that shots from different angles match in color, brightness, etc.

Janet Whitaker Makeup
Janet Whitaker

Helps make sure Missy looks her best on camera!

Bob Pickering Set Designer
Robert Pickering

Gives the show its signature “look” and works with the director and lighting director to plan shot compositions.

Don Dean Lighting Director
Don Dean

Selects and places various types of lights to light the talent, eliminate unwanted shadows, and highlight areas of the set.

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