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Louisville Merger: A Community Conversation

To merge or not to merge? That is the question ...

In addition to voting on congressional, legislative, and other local elections, the citizens of Louisville and Jefferson County cast their ballots on November 7, 2000 and agreed to merge their city and county governments--a proposal that had failed several times in the past.

In order to provide information and a forum for discussion before the vote, KET formed a partnership with Leadership Louisville, the League of Women Voters, and public radio station WFPL to examine the merger issue.

The resulting television series, Louisville Merger: A Community Conversation, included two live town meetings and a wrap-up documentary. All three of the hour-long programs are available here as streaming video.

The first, which aired live on June 21, 2000, features experts from both pro- and anti-merger organizations answering general questions about the merger plan. In the second program, which aired August 23, elected officials from Louisville and Jefferson County answer questions focusing on government reorganization, representation, taxes, and services. The third program presents an overview of the merger plan, commentary about its strengths and weaknesses from community leaders and citizens, and a look at the merged Lexington-Fayette County government as a possible model.

All three programs were produced by KET and hosted by Jean West of WHAS-TV/Louisville.

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