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Louisville Merger: A Community Conversation

To merge or not to merge? That is the question ...

Louisville Merger: A Community Conversation: Program 1

The following is an outline of the sequence of events as they occurred in the original program. Click on the segment topics to begin watching the coverage from that point forward.

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Segment 1

Program opening (3:16)

Co-hosts Jean West and Cameron Lawrence welcome the studio and remote audiences.

Segment 2

Introductory video segment (3:45)

Host Jean West introduces a pre-taped background segment on what people expect from local government.

Segment 3

Questions and comments (13:42 total)


Segment 4

Background on legislation (6:09)

In a pre-taped background segment, WHAS-TV reporter Mark Hebert explains House Bill 647, the state legislation outlining the Louisville-Jefferson County merger plan that residents will vote on in November.

Segment 5

Questions and comments (20:36 total)


Segment 6

Proposed timeline (2:12)

Host Jean West presents the timeline for the merger if House Bill 647 is passed in November.

Segment 7

Question and comments (4:00)

Audience member Anne Braden of Louisville's West End describes an alternate model for merger used in Portland, OR and asks why a similar proposal for Louisville was rejected.

Segment 8

Wrap-up/credits (2:50)

Hosts Jean West, Chip Polston, Bill Goodman, and Cameron Lawrence give their final thoughts and preview the second program.

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