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To merge or not to merge? That is the question ...

Louisville Merger: A Community Conversation

Louisville Merger: A Community Conversation: Program 3

The following is an outline of the segments in the documentary. Click on a segment topic to begin watching from that point forward.

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Segment 1

Introduction and overview (6:35 total)

  • Introduction
    Host Jean West welcomes viewers and introduces the first report.
  • The merger legislation
    WHAS-TV reporter Mark Hebert explains what the legislation voters will decide on actually says about other existing cities in Jefferson County, government services, the fate of current city and county laws, and affirmative action.

Segment 2

Street talk (4:21)

"Person-on-the-street" interviews provide a quick survey of what citizens expect from government, how happy they are with current services, and how well informed they feel about the merger issue.

Segment 3

Merger's impact on government services (2:09)

Reporter Mark Hebert explains that the merger legislation does not actually mandate the merging of city and county police, ambulance, and fire services and looks at the potential impact on planning and zoning.

Segment 4

Questions and answers about the current merger plan (8:00 total)

Elected officials and other experts answer questions posed in the first two programs of the series. Questions and respondents:

Segment 5

Jefferson County's smaller cities (5:39)

Reporter Chip Polston talks to Shively Mayor Jim Jenkins, who opposes the merger plan, and Jeffersontown Mayor Daniel Ruckriegel, who supports it, about the reasons for their positions and the potential impacts on their cities as well as the other small cities in Jefferson County.

Segment 6

Comparison with Lexington (5:06)

Reporter Bill Goodman talks to Lexington officials and others involved with the Lexington-Fayette County merger, which took effect in the mid-1970s, about how that merged government is working and what questions Louisvillians should be asking.

Segment 7

Questions and answers about the prospects for merger, now and in the future (19:23 total)

Elected officials and other experts answer questions about whether they believe the merger plan will pass and, if it does not, what the future options are:

Segment 8

Wrap-up (6:00 total)

  • Merger timeline
    Host Jean West outlines the sequence of events through which merger will be implemented if approved by voters.
  • Final thoughts from Mark Hebert
    Hebert gives his perspective on the most important questions voters should think about when making their decisions on merger.
  • Ballot wording/program close
    Host Jean West gives the actual wording of the merger proposal that will appear on the ballot and thanks partners and viewers.

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