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jonah and lucy

Jonah and Lucy

“Flight to Freedom” Launching January 2012

The first MISSION US mission, “For Crown or Colony?” was a big hit with Kentucky teachers and students, and Mission 2 promises to be just as popular.

“Flight to Freedom,” set in the Civil War era, is set to launch on January 24, 2012. This mission is set partly in Kentucky: The main character Lucy is a slave on a hemp plantation near Lexington. Her escape and subsequent involvement in the Underground Railroad keeps Kentucky “on the map” throughout the game. Watch this space and for more updates. And if you'd like to schedule a Mission US training session, contact your KET Education Consultant.


mission us2

Students in Laureen Laumeyer’s class played the game as a class and individually.

Kentucky Teacher Named National MISSION US
Educator of the Year!

Congratulations to Laureen Laumeyer, a 5th grade teacher at Hardin County’s Meadow View Elementary School, who has been named National MISSION US Educator of the Year.

Laumeyer was nominated for the award by KET, who partnered with MISSION US’s developer, THIRTEEN/WNET.ORG, New York’s public media provider, to introduce the MISSION US game and classroom materials to Kentucky teachers. Laumeyer will receive a trip to New York to speak at the 6th annual THIRTEEN/WNET.ORG Celebration of Teaching and Learning this March.

MISSION US is a series of free, interactive online games and materials for teaching American history. KET was one of ten public television stations chosen to participate in a special teacher training initiative in 2010. The Kentucky Department of Education, the Kentucky Historical Society, and the Kentucky Council for the Social Studies worked with KET to show teachers the first game in the series, “For Crown or Colony?”, set in the Revolutionary War period.

mission us2

They discussed and defended political perspectives of the Revolutionary War era.

“Laureen has always wanted her students to gain so much more out of class than knowing dates and events. She wants them to fully understand that history is exciting and that there were some wonderful characters and events that helped shape our society, country and world,” said Jim Sullivan, Meadow View Elementary principal.

Laumeyer used MISSION US materials in a wide variety of ways across her Revolutionary War unit, adapting them to meet her students’ specific needs and to create a rigorous and engaging learning experience. Students used the games and resources as class activities, group activities, individual activities and homework.

Laumeyer saw the game at the KET booth at the Kentucky Council for the Social Studies Conference last September, Then she attended a training given by Jana Kirchner, Teaching American History grant coordinator at the Green River Educational Cooperative.

“Once I played it for myself I was hooked,” Laumeyer said. “The game and all the engaging activities are a wonderful tool to help my students understand their history.” Using the MISSION US game and activities, “my students were so engrossed in learning that they didn’t want to stop for lunch.”

The MISSION US project was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Humanities.