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Meet the 2010 Kentucky MISSION US Teachers of the Year

KET’s MISSION US training initiative was a huge success. KET and partners the Kentucky Department of Education, the Kentucky Historical Society, and the Kentucky Council for the Social Studies introduced the MISSION US game and resources to more than 2,800 teachers across the state. As part of the project, KET recognized teachers who used MISSION US in innovative and exciting ways.

Kentucky MISSION US Teachers of the Year:


Eighth graders at Butler County Middle School created a “Walk Through Boston” and presented it to other classes at the school.

Laumeyer, who teaches 5th grade at Meadow View Elementary in Hardin County, was also named the National MISSION US Educator of the Year! Laumeyer used MISSION US materials in a wide variety of ways across her Revolutionary War unit, adapting them to meet her students’ specific needs and to create a rigorous and engaging learning experience. Students used the games and resources as class activities, group activities, individual activities, and homework.

Cardwell, a media specialist, and Smith-Thomas, an 8th grade teacher, collaborated in their use of MISSION US. They used the game as a review and supplementary drama/social studies activity. Students created a lantern-lit “Walk through Boston” in the school’s media center, presenting character monologues, costumes, props, and overheads built around events on the MISSION US timeline.

Honorable Mention:


Characters in the “Walk Through Boston” included the late Christopher Seider, shown here in his coffin.