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In the Classroom

This program combines profiles of two talented Kentucky artists. The profiles can be used separately or together in the classroom.

If both are used, the program is an excellent foundation for a class discussion comparing and contrasting the two artists, their works, and their processes. Use the following questions as a basis for discussion:

  • What type of art does each artist produce? Whose work is reflected by the "Fire" in the title and whose by the "Motion." Do these words fit their work?
  • Do the two artists and their works have anything in common?
  • How do their processes differ? Do the artists work alone? If not, how do others contribute to their processes?

The program can also be used to compare and contrast how the artists' stories are told in the "Fire and Motion" program.

  • What do you learn about each artist?
  • How is the artist's story told? Who is interviewed? What is shown? How does the storyline flow? How effective is each approach?
  • What do you not learn about the artists that you would like to know?
  • In what other way could the artists' stories have been told?

Online Lesson Plan

The Visual Arts Toolkit includes a segment on glassblower Stephen Rolfe Powell. If you do not have a toolkit you can preview this lesson plan at the Arts Toolkit web site.

The Arts Toolkit web site also includes a lesson plan The Art and Science of Glass.

You could adapt this lesson plan for use with the "Fire and Motion" program.