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Silas House: Books and Readings

Clay’s Quilt

Clay’s Quilt, House’s first novel, is the story of Clay Sizemore and of wanting and needing to belong to a family.

Readings by House:

Getting on U.S. 27

Leaving Crow County

Just Becoming Dawn

The bookclub@ket page on Clay’s Quilt has more information.

The site includes a Reading Group Guide to Clay’s Quilt.


A Parchment of Leaves

A Parchment of Leaves is a mesmerizing story of forgiveness, marriage, and obsessive love, telling the story of Vine Sullivan, a Cherokee woman who marries an Irishman in the early 1900s.

Reading by House:

Leaving for a New Life

The bookclub@ket discussion of A Parchment of Leaves includes streaming video of the discussion and more information.

Read an excerpt, comments from reviewers, and a Reader’s Guide at the Random House web site.


The Coal Tattoo

This award-winning novel tells the story of Anneth, the mother of Clay Sizemore (the central character in Clay’s Quilt).

Readings by House:

Listening to the Radio


Fighting for the Mountain

Read reviewers’ comments and a Reader’s Guide at the Random House web site.