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Writing Buddies: Jack Kerley and Ron Ellis

In the segment on Sheila Williams in “A Novel Approach,” she joins fellow Northern Kentucky writers Jack Kerley and Ron Ellis for coffee at a local coffee shop, the Mammoth Café. “We started meeting informally just for coffee, and these coffees turned into a monthly roundtable, and it has been wonderful.... Drinking coffee and laughing and talking about projects we’re working on, things that annoy us, and just providing each other with a lot of support.”

The three write in very different genres. Kerley, a Newport native, writes thrillers, “which is one of my favorite genres,” Williams says. Learn more about Kerley and his work at

Ellis, a graduate of Northern Kentucky University (and its university relations officer before taking early retirement in 2001), “writes about the outdoors and hunting and fishing and sportsman activities,” Williams says. He also edited Of Woods and Waters: A Kentucky Outdoors Reader. For more about Ellis and his work, visit You can listen to a discussion of his anthology and read an interview with the editor at the bookclub@ket pages for Of Woods and Waters.