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One to One with Bill Goodman

Nick Clooney (#105)

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Cincinnati Post columnist and former congressional candidate Nick Clooney discusses the changes he has noted over the years in both journalism and politics. Clooney, also known for his role as a host on the American Movie Classics cable channel, reflects on the importance of the movies in his own life.

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Nick Clooney, a Democrat, ran for a seat in the House of Representatives representing Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District in 2004, challenging Republican Geoff Davis. He lost the highly competitive race, but did garner 44 percent of the vote to Davis’ 54 percent in predominantly conservative Northern Kentucky.

A native of Maysville, Clooney is a member of the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame. His career has taken him from Lexington television and radio to news anchor jobs in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. He is the author of two books, The Movies That Changed Us: Reflections on the Screen and a collection of his columns.

Son George has credited his father’s journalism career and dinner-table conversations about broadcasting legend Edward R. Murrow as his inspiration for writing and producing his Academy Award-nominated film about Murrow, Good Night, and Good Luck.


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