One to One with Bill Goodman

One to One with Bill Goodman

Wade Hall, writer and editor (#107)

One to One with Bill Goodman

Writer, editor, and teacher Wade Hall discusses The Kentucky Anthology: Two Hundred Years of Writing in the Bluegrass State, a journey through the literature, history, politics, and culture of the state in the words of its most important chroniclers.

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Wade Hall talks about the writers he chose to include in The Kentucky Anthology, who range from key historical figures to acclaimed authors of novels, short stories, poetry, and essays.

Hall is emeritus professor of English at Bellarmine University in Louisville. He served as the editor of the Kentucky Poetry Review for more than 15 years and is the author or editor of numerous other books, including The Rest of the Dream: The Black Odyssey of Lyman Johnson and Passing for Black: The Life and Careers of Mae Street Kidd.

Passing for Black was an early selection for bookclub@ket, which showcases Kentucky authors and books—including many of the writers included in The Kentucky Anthology.


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