One to One with Bill Goodman

One to One with Bill Goodman

Ben Witherington, Asbury Theological Seminary (#115)

Evangelical scholar Ben Witherington of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore talks about The Da Vinci Code and his own book analyzing its themes and the response to them: The Gospel Code: Novel Claims About Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Da Vinci.

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In The Gospel Code, Ben Witherington addresses the heresies and historical errors evangelicals believe are contained in Dan Brown’s enormously popular novel, The Da Vinci Code. Publisher’s Weekly said of Witherington’s book, “Quite apart from its treatment of Brown’s novel, this book is a fine exposition of mainstream evangelical teaching and merits wide readership.”

One of the world’s top evangelical scholars, Witherington joined the Asbury faculty in 1995 after teaching at Ashland Theological Seminary for more than a decade.


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