One to One with Bill Goodman

One to One with Bill Goodman

T.J. MacGregor, author (#310)

One to One with Bill Goodman

T.J. MacGregor about her successful writing career and her newest book, Kill Time.

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Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, MacGregor now lives in South Florida. On the program, she discusses her life before her writing career as an English teacher, a Spanish teacher, a social worker, and a prison librarian.

MacGregor goes on to explain her seemingly endless list of pseudonyms: She has published 27 novels under the names T.J. MacGregor, Trish Janeshutz, Alison Drake, and Trish MacGregor. They include two series—the Quin St. James/Mike McCleary series and the Tango Key series—as well as stand-alone thrillers such as Out of Sight, which won the Edgar Allan Poe award for Best Paperback Original of 2002. In her latest novel, Kill Time, a psychology professor discovers that the government has been sending criminals and rebellious people, possibly including her own mother, back in time.


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