One to One with Bill Goodman

One to One with Bill Goodman

Panos Zavos, Andrology Institute of America (#418)

Panos Zavos, a reproduction specialist from the Andrology Institute of America, discusses human cloning.

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Panos Zavos, along with a team of scientists headquartered in Lexington, hope to clone a human being within the next two years, a plan that has provoked outrage on both moral and scientific grounds.

Zavos discusses the international attention his research has received, his work in fertility clinics around the world, and his method of creating an embryo from a human cell. Zavos also talks about his role in Human Cloning , a documentary by British filmmaker Peter Williams, which follows the the scientist’s controversial work.

In March 2003, Zavos and his team claimed to have created the first human cloned embryo ready to be transferred into a woman’s womb. Zavos talks about why the attempt to place the embryo into a surrogate mother was not successful, and why he believes future attempts to initiate a pregnancy with a cloned embryo will succeed.

Zavos also discusses critics’ claims that he is “playing God,” the similarities and differences between his method and in-vitro fertilization, and his plans for future research.

Zavos received his Ph.D. in reproductive physiology, biochemistry and statistics in 1978 from the University of Minnesota.


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