One to One with Bill Goodman

One to One with Bill Goodman

Squire Babcock, author (#427)

One to One with Bill Goodman

Squire Babcock, associate professor of English and philosophy and director of the master of fine arts in creative writing program at Murray State University, discusses his debut novel, The King of Gaheena.

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Squire Babcock talks about The King of Gaheena. Set in 1972, the novel follows a 20-year-old Louisville man from a wealthy family whose parents are killed in a car accident and leave him their family business. Babcock discusses his decades-long writing process and the significance of some of the novel’s motifs, including fire and playing cards.

The author speaks candidly about a turning point in his life: his arrest and felony conviction for heroin possession. He discusses his background, including stints as a ballroom dancing instructor, hunting guide, cotton gin employee, farmhand, and journalist. The Louisville native also spent a decade selling and working on pool tables before entering an undergraduate program at the University of Massachusetts. Throughout these periods, he says, he maintained a passion for books and reading.

Finally, Babcock addresses Kentucky’s literary culture and explains why he believes there is a renewed interest in writing.


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