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Looking at Painting
Looking at Painting
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Patrick Adams

Patrick Adams Artist’s Statement

My paintings deal almost exclusively with the landscape as subject matter. I always work with subjects that I have experienced firsthand and long-term. Images of southern France, the English coast, my native Minnesota, and Kentucky are all common and recurrent themes in my work. My paintings are done from memory, so the resulting images tend toward abstraction. Visual memory, and how the memory distills out the essence of an experience, is very important to my process of creating an image.

I have developed over the last few years a manner of working which allows the landscape to emerge as the result of a lengthy, and somewhat mysterious, process of discovery. The oil paint is alternately layered and scraped away and color relationships explored as I try to achieve the delicate balance of elements that is unique to each image. At some point in this process, a compositional logic asserts itself, and a certain quality of light emerges that speaks to a particular sense of place or experience of the landscape.

No photographs are used in my work.

Patrick Adams, August 6, 2001


Patrick Adams was born in the small southwestern Minnesota farming community of Worthington in 1965. This rural setting of tall-grass prairie and natural lakes would make a lasting impression on the young Adams.

When he was 12 years old, he began entering regional art competitions and selling his paintings. He was also very active as a musician, and in 1983 he entered Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota on a joint music/art scholarship. It was not until he transferred to Winona State University several years later that Patrick began to focus exclusively on art. There he worked under painter Don Schmidlapp and sculptor John Hickman, who were both very influential in his development as an artist.

While at Winona State, Patrick received the Mausycki Art Scholarship and was awarded a solo show by the art department for his graduating exhibition. Although he was no longer studying music formally, it would continue to be an important part of his artistic expression. In 1987, he released Piano Sketches, an album of solo piano compositions that he both performed and produced.

In 1988, Patrick married Dr. Terre Wilson in Rochester, MN. They moved to Kentucky in 1989 and settled in Lexington, where Patrick entered the University of Kentucky art department as a graduate student. In his second year, he was awarded a full scholarship by the art faculty and began working as a teaching assistant under Robert Tharsing. After graduating in 1992, Patrick continued to teach at UK, introducing to the curriculum an outdoor landscape painting class, which he taught for two years. He began teaching at Asbury College in 1994, serving in various capacities in the art department as well as two years as gallery director.

Patrick and his family moved to Nicholasville in 1998, where he built a studio near his home. In 1999, he served as sabbatical replacement for Tharsing at UK. He also continued teaching at Asbury until 2000, but left his teaching responsibilities in 2001 to pursue his art full-time.

Represented by Tower Gallery in Lexington, Friedman Gallery in Louisville, and Lydon Fine Art in Chicago, Patrick maintains a very demanding schedule of both solo and group exhibitions. He also maintains his interest in music, having recently served a stint as trumpet player and percussionist for a local rhythm and blues act, The Magnificent Seven.

Patrick and Terre have three children.

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Anti-Phonal Garden
Antiphonal Garden

Jessamine Creek
Jessamine Creek

The Tilled Field Near Bonnieux
The Tilled Field Near Bonnieux

Sunflowers, Avignon
Sunflowers, Avignon

The Road to Apt
The Road to Apt

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