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Looking at Painting
Looking at Painting
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Laurin Notheisen

Laurin Notheisen Artist’s Statement

For the last eight years, I have concentrated on landscape images with an emphasis on composition and pattern through mark making. Initially the subjects were near my home in Bowling Green, KY. Now, I travel specifically to parks or other special places to take photographs. Mammoth Cave National Park, where I was an artist-in-residence in October of 2000, and New York’s Central Park are recent locations. One of my favorite places to be is the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, and I continue to use my 1997 photographs for inspiration.

I’m not always sure if a particular place will generate the values, shapes, or patterns that I need, so I take lots of snapshots. I’ll often stand in one spot and slowly turn, snapping the shutter. Later, in my studio, the snaps are taped together into panoramas, which I study for possible compositions. Then I draw or paint value contrasts of trees and patterns of leaves. When these elements work together, the illusion of the landscape occurs.

Figures help set the scale and help me invite the viewer into the space. Sometimes a figure from one photo will be used in a completely different environment. But some places are too quiet for company, and the viewer is the only person there.

Laurin Notheisen, 2001


Born in 1951, Laurin Notheisen grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and attended children’s classes on Saturdays at the Art Institute. She received her BFA degree in painting and her MFA in lithography from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. In 1975, Laurin was hired by Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, where she continues to teach art appreciation, drawing, design, painting, and printmaking.

Her work has been exhibited in many local, regional, and national juried competitions. Invitational shows have included Still Objective Paintings at Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta; Objects Observed, Contemporary Still Life at Gallery Henoch in New York; and Contemporary Still Life and Beyond at Cumberland Gallery in Nashville. Laurin’s solo exhibit Still Lifes and Landscapes at Swanson Cralle Gallery in Louisville was reviewed in an April 1995 edition of The Courier-Journal by Diane Heilenman, who described the pencil landscapes as “shaded lawns on a college campus, where leaves and sunlight dance in dapples of light and dark that make the eye dizzy.” The review continued, “The big, bold, colorful still lifes are rigorously intellectual, transcending the bland neutrality of much photorealism. The paintings dabble in the sphere of the surreal, making the point that art is in the mind of the artist.”

Laurin’s work can be found in the collections of the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science, Bristol-Myers, Brown-Forman, Louisville Gas and Electric, and Mammoth Cave National Park.

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Central Park #2
Central Park #2

Central Park #3
Central Park #3

Luxembourg Gardens #6
Luxembourg Gardens #6

Luxembourg Gardens #8
Luxembourg Gardens #8

Mammoth Cave National Park #1
Mammoth Cave National Park #1

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