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Looking at Painting
Looking at Painting
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Program 3
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Classroom Use
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Lesson Plans
Middle School
Fantasy Creature
Gesture Drawing
Still Life
High School
Self-Portrait Unit
Still Life

Kentucky Educational Television
Program Outline
Part 3: Abstraction

Approx. times
00:00-03:12 Open
  Host Robert Tharsing introduces the program, defines abstraction, and introduces the five featured artists: Nancy Cassell (Union), Henry Chodkowski (Louisville), Gerald Ferstman (Lexington), Sam Gilliam (Louisville and Washington, DC), and Ivan Schieferdecker (Bowling Green).
03:13-18:46 Origins
03:22-04:12 Sam Gilliam about his childhood
04:13-04:54 Gerald Ferstman about early experiences in art
04:55-05:41 Nancy Cassell about her early experiences
05:42-07:16 Henry Chodkowski about decision to go to art school
07:17-08:33 Ivan Schieferdecker about early experiences
08:33-08:59 Sam Gilliam about drawing comic-book heroes
09:00-10:04 Gerald Ferstman about early influences
10:05-11:56 Nancy Cassell about influence of nature
11:57-13:06 Ivan Schieferdecker about Sugar Creek
13:07-13:39 Sam Gilliam about “painting from the imagination”
13:40-14:50 Gerald Ferstman about training
14:51-15:46 Henry Chodkowski about arrival in Louisville
15:47-17:05 Sam Gilliam about influence of abstract expressionists
17:06-18:08 Nancy Cassell about influences, including surrealists and abstract expressionists
18:09-18:46 Gerald Ferstman about influences such as Pierre Bonnard
18:47-42:56 Ideas/Process
18:55-21:52 Henry Chodkowski about interest in mythology, working in black and white
21:53-24:16 Sam Gilliam about evolution of his work
24:17-25:53 Ivan Schieferdecker about his work
25:54-27:58 Nancy Cassell about her approach
27:59-30:31 Gerald Ferstman about his work
30:32-32:52 Henry Chodkowski about piece he’s working on
32:53-34:37 Nancy Cassell about working in black and white, use of ink and other media
34:37-36:52 Gerald Ferstman about his process and ideas, humor in his work
36:53-37:50 Ivan Schieferdecker about stages of his work
37:51-39:40 Sam Gilliam about his process
39:40-41:19 Gerald Ferstman about what he likes about paint
41:20-42:56 Sam Gilliam about role of the artist
42:57-51:29 Touchstones
43:04-44:49 Henry Chodkowski about Elmer Bischoff
44:50-47:30 Gerald Ferstman about Jean Dubuffet
47:31-48:08 Speed Curator Julien Robson about Jackson Pollock
48:09-48:52 Host Robert Tharsing about Jackson Pollock
48:53-51:29 Sam Gilliam about Barnett Newman
51:30-57:00 Furthermore
  final words from the artists about life as an artist

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