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Looking at Painting
Looking at Painting
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Kentucky Educational Television
Program 3: Abstraction

Paint and process take precedence over image in abstract art. It is an exploration of the raw elements of painting—color, line, shape—and their power to stimulate a response, express an emotion, or evoke a mood purely on their own terms. In describing abstract art, host Robert Tharsing explains that “What we see on the canvas is removed from what we normally see in the world.” We may recognize some imagery in abstract paintings. But in others, nothing may be recognizable.

Program 3 of Looking at Painting explores the immensely rich and varied worlds of five abstract artists from Kentucky:

      Nancy Cassell, Union
      Henry Chodkowski, Louisville
      Gerald Ferstman, Lexington
      Sam Gilliam, Louisville/Washington, DC
      Ivan Schieferdecker, Bowling Green

The Abstraction Wing of our online gallery includes works by these painters, as well as representative paintings by several other contemporary artists.

Looking at Painting is available on home video from KET. Call (800) 945-9167 or e-mail for information.

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