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Looking at Painting
Looking at Painting
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Program 3
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Kentucky Educational Television
About the Series

Looking at Painting is a KET-produced art appreciation series focused on how to “read” a painting. Its three one-hour programs explore the genres of realism, expressionism, and abstraction through the work and comments of 14 accomplished artists from across Kentucky. Each program also features fascinating visits to the artists’ studios and to three art museums to see hundreds of paintings by both contemporary Kentucky painters and Old Masters. The host for the series is University of Kentucky Professor of Art Robert Tharsing (below right, pictured with Sam Gilliam), who originated the idea for the programs.

In each of the videos, artists discuss origins (why they became artists), process (how they work), ideas (what ideas inform their work), and touchstones (works they like by other artists). In this way, Looking at Painting seeks to illuminate the creative process by revealing what lies beneath the finished works—both in structure and in spirit.

Looking at Painting is available on home video from KET. Call (800) 945-9167 or e-mail for information.

Sam Gilliam and Robert Tharsing A Note from Our Host

These programs will introduce you to some of Kentucky’s finest painters. There are, of course, many more artists deserving of recognition than we were able to bring to you in three programs.

The painters we interviewed graciously shared with us their intimate and diverse viewpoints on the subject of painting. This is a series of three programs that is looking at painting through the eyes of 14 artists.

As a painter myself, I know something about the sanctity of the studio. We are grateful for the opportunity of being able to visit with the painters in their studios and for a glimpse into their private world.

We were also able to arrange with many of our artists to meet with us at either the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, the University of Kentucky Art Museum in Lexington, or, in the case of Sam Gilliam, at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

The purpose of these three programs is to tell you something about where artists come from, how they create a painting, the ideas they use, and how they relate to other painters, particularly those in the collections of our state’s two largest art museums and the National Gallery.

These artists will also tell you that the art of the past is living in the present—and that some of it is here in Kentucky. Our 14 painters are testimony to the fact that painting is alive and vibrant in the state of Kentucky.

Robert Tharsing

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