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KET Parenting and Child Care
  • Kids’ Health Specials
    a series of call-ins and panel discussions; some programs available online
    Topics have included childhood obesity prevention, depression in teenagers, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, vehicle safety, oral health, family safety, child development, learning disabilities, and asthma. The web pages list valuable links on each topic.

  • College Financial Aid Call-In
    an annual KET call-in program; available online and on videotape/DVD after broadcast
    Representatives of the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority and Kentucky colleges outline the college financial aid process and answer questions from viewers.

  • Your Child with Special Needs
    two one-hour programs produced in September 2004; available online and on tape
    These two discussion programs include information for teachers, school administrators and staff members, parents, and students on issues regarding special education in Kentucky public schools and the special-needs child in the community.

  • Understanding Your Child’s CATS Assessment
    a KET call-in program from March 2002; available on videotape
    Every April, most Kentucky schoolchildren spend a week or more taking statewide tests which are part of Kentucky’s CATS (Commonwealth Accountability Testing System) Assessments. In this program, a panel of educators and parents explain the reasons for the CATS tests, their effect on teaching and learning, and their impact on Kentucky children.

  • Help Wanted: Volunteers in Schools
    a KET call-in program from August 2001; available on videotape
    In this program for parents and grandparents of school-age children, four expert panelists answer questions from viewers about how adults can get more involved in their local schools. Segments taped around Kentucky show examples of volunteers in action.

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