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On Kentucky Derby weekend, Kentucky Life celebrates sport across the Commonwealth

For Release: 2013-04-03 10:05:00

To celebrate Kentucky Derby weekend, the next Kentucky Life gets in the sporting mood as host Dave Shuffett explores some other unique and interesting past-times. The program looks at Dainty, a German street-ball game played in the Louisville neighborhood of Schnitzelburg, a historical marker that explains how Middlesboro's golf course made history, the marble game of Rolley Hole in Monroe County, EarthJoy Tree Adventures in Alexandria, and the popularity of cornhole across the state. The program airs Saturday, May 4 at 8/7 p.m. and Sunday, May 5 at 4/3 p.m. on KET.

Louisville's Schnitzelburg community, which was founded by German immigrants, and the 100-year-old Hauck's Handy Store have hosted the World Dainty Championship each July for the past 42 years. It’s a huge draw in the community, which closes off the street for an all-day festival and Dainty competition. In the game of Dainty, a flat stick is used to strike another stick on the ground to make it airborne. It is hit like a baseball, and whoever hits it farthest wins. In this segment, Shuffett takes a swing at the unique sport.

In Monroe County, skilled sharpshooters take aim in the strategic marble game of Rolley Hole, which has been played for centuries in this area of southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee. Games are played in the elaborately named Monroe County Marble Super Dome, and the marbles are locally made using flint stone because glass would shatter with the powerful hits. Several members of the Monroe County club have won national and world titles, including the World Marble Championship in Great Britain, an event that’s been held for more than 400 years.

In a high-flying Dave Does It, Shuffett goes out on a limb with EarthJoy Tree Adventures in Alexandria. EarthJoy teaches people how to climb trees using ropes, and the climbs are especially popular for special occasions like birthday parties. EarthJoy relies on Casper, a sycamore in A.J. Jolly Park, which is where Shuffett tries to “learn the ropes” with a small group.

Kentucky Life also takes a look at a historical marker that explains how Middlesboro’s golf course, The Gold Club, made history in America during a time when the sport was unusual in Kentucky. The original course was laid out by English developers who came to the region in 1886 and brought the game with them. The Golf Club was founded in 1889, making it one of the oldest in the United States.

The program also takes a look at the popularity of cornhole in Kentucky and talks with a representative from The American Cornhole Organization, the governing body for the sport.

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Contact: Abby Malik



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