Stickwolf serenading the moon

Song List
  1. The Emergence
    1. "Opening Chant" -- preparation for the beginning of the journey
    2. "Lucky Day" -- the Contrary's dance before death
    3. "Gone" -- The Traveler, aided by two guides, the Arrow, and the Bowl, begins his journey.
    4. "The Road" -- The Traveler follows the road of the People.
    5. "Lovage" -- The People dance together.
    6. "Passage of the Night" -- The Traveler finds a way through a dark night of doubt and fear.
    7. "Snow" -- Spider Granny gives the Traveler shelter.

  2. The Desert
    1. "First Color of Light" -- The People and the Traveler greet the sun.
    2. "Violetta" -- The Contrary tries to distract the Arrow Guide.
    3. "Wishing Star" -- The lonely Traveler confides in the Bowl Guide.
    4. "Hanging by a Thread" -- The Traveler and the Guides renew their connection with Spider Granny's wisdom.
    5. "Changed" -- The Traveler leaps into the unknown.
    6. "Floating" -- The Traveler and the Guides move together in harmony.
    7. "A Doorway" -- The Guides, the Traveler, and the People receive gifts as they pass through Granny's doorway.
    8. "Mother" -- The Guides thank Spider Granny with a gift.
    9. "Dragon Song" -- The Salamander and the Contrary trick the Traveler.

  3. The Return
    1. "Blood Power" -- The Contrary and the Salamander break Granny's bowl.
    2. "Dancing Ground" -- One by one, the People fall.
    3. "How?" -- The Contrary is tried and convicted.
    4. "Dumb" -- The Contrary dances in self-defense.
    5. "Guardian Angel" -- The Contrary is pardoned.
    6. "The Red Place" -- The Traveler and the People acknowledge the experience of the journey; the Traveler and the Contrary depart.
    7. "The Owl" -- The two Guides prepare to lead a new Traveler.

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