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  • Saturday, April 26 at 3:00/2:00 pm CT on KET1

Renee Shaw Fayette District Court Judge Pamela R. Goodwine, who in 1999 became the first African-American female judge in Fayette County, is Renee’s guest on the next edition of Connections with Renee Shaw.

Goodwine discusses her background, including caring for her father at the end of his life and the tragic death of her mother at the hands of a close relative. She recalls how a new church family and professional grief counseling helped her find a path through grief, anger, and self-destruction. And she talks about her own painful battle with Crohn’s disease, which included two major surgeries and extensive physical rehabilitation.

Upon her recovery, Goodwine entered the University of Kentucky, graduating from its law school in 1994. At Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs’ Lexington office, she focused her legal career on labor and employment law, including sexual harassment claims and policies.

In the interview, Goodwine also talks about her work as a judge, her future career goals, and one of her ideas about how to reduce Kentucky’s sizeable prison population.

About Connections

“The goal of Connections is to focus on what’s right with a culturally blended society,” says host and co-producer Shaw, who is also the producer, writer, managing editor, and host of KET’s regular-session legislative coverage. “Instead of just harping on what’s wrong in our minority communities—as is so often seen in mainstream media—we hope Connections will afford us the time to really discuss the issues with the people who are out there making things happen.”

Shaw is co-producer of Comment on Kentucky and produces numerous other public affairs programs for KET, as well as co-hosting our election night coverage. Before joining KET in 1997, she worked in commercial television and public radio and television in Bowling Green. She received her bachelor’s degree in political science and broadcast journalism and a master’s degree in organizational communication from Western Kentucky University and serves as adjunct professor at Georgetown College.

Connections with Renee Shaw is a KET production, produced by Renee Shaw and Carolyn Gwinn and directed by Carl Babcock and Nick Helton. The program is closed-captioned for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.