• Making the Case for Higher Academic Standards

    by John Gregory | 08/17/15 8:29 AM

    As Common Core becomes a political football in Kentucky's gubernatorial race and the 2016 presidential campaign, one Louisville businessman is embracing the educational standards and what they can help the state's school children achieve. Read more.

  • News of the Week: Aug. 14, 2015

    by John Gregory | 08/15/15 9:28 AM

    First came the news that the state ended the last fiscal year with a $165 million budget surplus. Now Frankfort has cause for more optimism with the report that the current fiscal year, which started July 1, may conclude with an excess of $219 million. Read more.

  • Transgender Activist JoAnne Wheeler Bland

    by John Gregory | 08/15/15 8:26 AM

    For nearly six decades, John Wheeler Bland bore the crushing weight of a secret he could never, ever tell: Though born a biological male, Bland knew in his heart he was actually a female. Read more.

  • Tough Choices Ahead for State Budget

    by John Gregory | 08/11/15 3:11 PM

    As the state continues to claw its way out of the recession, the recent budget report from the Beshear administration offers some promising numbers: Read more.

  • Business Guru Andre Taylor Offers Tips on Getting Started

    by John Gregory | 08/10/15 2:48 PM

    For those people who have an idea for a new product or service, and an inkling of the entrepreneurial spirit, leadership consultant Andre Taylor says they owe it to themselves to give their dream a shot. Read more.

  • News of the Week: August 7, 2015

    by John Gregory | 08/08/15 9:00 AM

    Although he got less airtime than his fellow candidates, Sen. Rand Paul left his mark on the first GOP presidential debate last Thursday night. The Kentuckian engaged in heated exchanges with front-runner Donald Trump and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Read more.

  • Some Hard Facts about Soft Job Skills

    by Editor | 08/06/15 9:44 AM

    A new report from the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce says much of the workforce in the commonwealth lacks sufficient job skills. KET’s Bill Goodman and Lillie Ruschell found two young entrepreneurs who could teach employees some valuable lessons about so-called “soft skills” like communication, reliability, and customer service. Read more.

  • 2015 Fancy Farm Summary

    by John Gregory | 08/03/15 2:23 PM

    Partisan politics took on a new facet at Saturday's Fancy Farm political picnic. In addition to a simple Democratic and Republican split among the candidates for statewide office, many of the speeches pitted native Kentuckians against transplanted Kentuckians. Read more.

  • Fancy Farm 2015 Speeches

    by Editor | 08/01/15 6:00 PM

    More than 20 politicians spoke at the annual picnic that serves as a fundraiser for St. Jerome Catholic Church in rural Graves County. Here are the candidate speeches from this weekend. Read more.

  • Matt Jones: From Sports Radio to Fancy Farm Politics

    by Editor | 08/01/15 12:37 PM

    Renee Shaw talks with Kentucky Sports Radio founder Matt Jones about his debut as emcee of the political speeches at Fancy Farm. The Middlesboro native discusses his unique career path and his interest in politics. Read more.