• Minority Mental Health Issues Can be Complicated

    by John Gregory | 07/14/14 4:12 PM

    While some African Americans are reluctant to seek medical care in general, they often face additional and unique challenges when dealing with mental health concerns. Read more.

  • Budget Shortfall News; Political Races Heating Up

    by John Gregory | 07/14/14 4:00 PM

    With a revenue shortfall of $90.9 million, Gov. Steve Beshear has a little more than two weeks to address the situation and bring the state budget back into balance. Read more.

  • Veterans' Center, PTSD Treatment on Agenda in Frankfort

    by Editor | 07/10/14 9:11 AM

    A proposed veterans’ center to be located in Bowling Green and treatment options for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are the topics at a meeting July 10 of the General Assembly’s Interim Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection. KET coverage of the meeting in Frankfort begins at 1 pm at Read more.

  • State Budget Shortfall: Likely Causes and Possible Cures

    by John Gregory | 07/08/14 3:21 PM

    As lawmakers await the final tally on the state budget shortfall for fiscal year 2014, some in Frankfort are already blaming anemic state revenues on several familiar issues. Read more.

  • Spalding's Writing Program Director Talks About Her Novel

    by John Gregory | 07/07/14 4:31 PM

    If being a woman today has its challenges, consider the lives of females in 16th century Spain: few rights, marriages arranged from birth, and violence and death lurking around every corner. Read more.

  • Lexington Seminary Evolves to Virtual Campus

    by John Gregory | 07/07/14 3:09 PM

    The last few years have brought significant change to Lexington Theological Seminary (LTS). The school sold its South Limestone campus to the University of Kentucky last year, virtually completing its transition to an online institution of religious studies. Read more.

  • What Does EPA Proposal Mean for Kentucky?

    by Editor | 07/03/14 8:50 AM

    The impact of the EPA’s proposed regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants is the topic of a legislative committee meeting on Thursday, July 3, in Frankfort. The General Assembly’s Interim Committee on Natural Resources and Environment will hear testimony from state climate and air quality officials and from a representative of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Read more.

  • A Look at Kentucky's High ADHD Rate

    by John Gregory | 07/02/14 1:39 PM

    It's another health statistic for which Kentucky would prefer not to be a national leader: the state tops the list of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at nearly 19 percent. Read more.

  • Bridging the Divide in Brent Spence Replacement Debate

    by John Gregory | 07/01/14 3:32 PM

    When Covington Mayor Sherry Carran calls for regional cooperation to address the aging Brent Spence Bridge across the Ohio River, her voice reveals a mix of frustration and exasperation. Read more.

  • Physician Not Quitting on Smoking Restrictions

    by John Gregory | 06/30/14 4:23 PM

    Lawmakers in Frankfort have a long history of proposing smoking bans, but have little to show for all their talk. While 28 communities around the commonwealth have enacted some limits on smoking in public places, state legislators have failed to vote on multiple proposals to restrict smoking in recent sessions. Read more.