• Dreamers and Doers: Remarkable Kentucky Women

    by Joyce West | 06/16/15 2:58 PM

    Can a woman do this job? Read more.

  • Kentucky's Energy and Environmental Issues

    by John Gregory | 06/16/15 8:00 AM

    Last week a federal appeals court rejected the lawsuit that Kentucky and about a dozen other states filed against the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed greenhouse gas limits on coal-burning power plants. Attorney General Jack Conway and other plaintiffs in that suit have pledged to revive their challenge once the federal Clean Power Plan rules are finalized later this year. Read more.

  • John Carroll: Remembering a Newspaperman Who Helped Shape Journalism

    by John Gregory | 06/15/15 1:50 PM

    John Carroll, a veteran reporter and editor who led several of America's great newspapers and who directed the Lexington Herald-Leader to its first Pulitzer Prize, died Sunday in Lexington, Ky. He was 73 years old. Read more.

  • The State of the Arts in Kentucky

    by John Gregory | 06/14/15 6:55 PM

    For 50 years, the Kentucky Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts have promoted creative endeavors and cultural enrichment around the commonwealth and America. Read more.

  • Minimum Wage, Coal and the Governor's Race

    by John Gregory | 06/13/15 6:39 PM

    Come July 1, about 800 minimum-wage employees in state government will get a nice pay raise. The question is, will they get to keep it? Read more.

  • Ramsey Carpenter, Miss Kentucky 2014

    by John Gregory | 06/13/15 5:59 PM

    For Ramsey Carpenter it started with a tingling in her hands during finals at the University of Kentucky. Soon the sensation had spread throughout her body. Her entire disposition changed as she began to have difficulty walking and playing familiar tunes on her beloved violin. Read more.

  • Wes Cowan, Bob Edwards: Learn History by Exploring Your Own Roots

    by John Gregory | 06/11/15 12:00 PM

    From his appearances on Antiques Roadshow, auctioneer and appraiser Wes Cowan has seen plenty of family heirlooms come across his velvet-covered display table. While most of those objects have little monetary value, Cowan believes they are critically important to helping people connect to history. Read more.

  • Transportation-focused Legislators Face Bumpy Road

    by John Gregory | 06/09/15 1:00 PM

    They have 27,000 miles of paved roads to maintain, constituents clamoring for a number of new transportation projects, and a shrinking pool of money with which to make it all happen. Read more.

  • Giving Voice to Kentucky Women

    by Editor | 06/08/15 8:00 AM

    Do you know that a Woodford County schoolteacher led a fight in the 1890s to ensure that women could retain property they owned even after they married? Read more.

  • What's Next in Disability Payments Probe?

    by John Gregory | 06/06/15 9:32 AM

    Hundreds of people across eastern Kentucky are breathing easier after Congressman Hal Rogers intervened to get their Social Security disability payments restored last week. Read more.