• Obamacare May Have Big Effect on Governor's Race

    by John Gregory | 05/30/15 8:00 AM

    After last week's recanvass yielded no change in the state's primary election results, the field is finally set for the general election campaign for statewide constitutional offices. Read more.

  • Beyond Coal: Imagining a New Appalachian Economy

    by John Gregory | 05/30/15 7:30 AM

    Imagine a region that's struggling to recover from the collapse of its signature industry. Read more.

  • Reading by Third Grade

    by Joyce West | 05/29/15 10:32 AM

    Many studies show that children who can't read by the third grade are at a much greater risk for academic failure, and from there, struggles in the job market. Read more.

  • Taking on Kentucky's Heroin Epidemic

    by John Gregory | 05/25/15 6:00 AM

    When Michael Botticelli toured eastern and central Kentucky earlier this month, the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy brought more than a professional interest in the state's heroin epidemic. Read more.

  • Analyzing the Aftermath of the Primary Elections

    by John Gregory | 05/23/15 7:00 AM

    Barring surprise outcomes in the recanvass of votes in the Republican primaries for governor and agriculture commissioner, Kentucky's general election ballot is set. But how several of those campaigns will play out in the months ahead is anything but certain. Read more.

  • Lexington Entreprenuer Tackles Childhood Illiteracy

    by John Gregory | 05/23/15 6:00 AM

    It's a long way from a trailer park in Lotts Creek, Kentucky, to a corporate suite in San Francisco. But that's the journey Jonathan Beatty made before returning to his home state on a mission to create positive change in the commonwealth. Read more.

  • 2015 Primary Eve Preview

    by Editor | 05/18/15 11:00 PM

    Kentucky Tonight host Bill Goodman discusses the 2015 election with Patrick Hughes, chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party; Steve Robertson, chair of the Republican Party of Kentucky; Jennifer Moore, founder of Emerge Kentucky and former chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party; and Les Fugate, Republican strategist and former political aide to former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson. Read more.

  • Al Cross Previews Election Night

    by John Gregory | 05/18/15 10:46 AM

    Kentucky has the distinction of hosting one of only three gubernatorial elections in America this year. And the Washington Post recently dubbed our contest to be the nastiest in the nation for 2015. Read more.

  • Louisville Theologian Examines Race and the Bible

    by John Gregory | 05/16/15 10:51 PM

    The recent civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, and other cities points to unresolved issues involving race, poverty, and justice that continue to challenge Americans. Read more.

  • No Clear Frontrunner in GOP Gubernatorial Primary

    by John Gregory | 05/15/15 7:44 AM

    As the GOP gubernatorial primary comes down to the finish line, tight poll results, troubling allegations, and divided inter-party allegiances have the pundits wondering which candidate will actually secure the nomination. Read more.