KET: A Vital Community Institution

Across Kentucky, I saw the heroic struggle to provide equal education thwarted by the barrier of unequal resources. It was essential that we harness the power of television to assure the education and enrichment of our people so they would have every possible opportunity. We could not afford to accept less.

O. Leonard Press

O. Leonard Press

KET founder and first executive director

Every day, KET reaches into the homes and classrooms of more than four million people in seven states. Recognized nationally as an industry leader, KET is the largest public broadcasting network in the country—second largest in the world—and the only statewide media resource in Kentucky.

Through high-quality original and PBS programs, KET gives you a front-row seat to the finest performances as well as town-hall debates and explores the rich culture and heritage of Kentucky. KET provides a safe haven for our children and promotes lifelong learning and discovery with the finest documentaries about science, nature, and history.

Beyond the television screen, KET uses advanced technology to serve as Kentucky’s virtual classroom, providing vital educational resources for our public schools while also offering opportunities for adult learners to earn GEDs, college credit, and professional development credit from home.

Thanks to the 34,000 families and corporations who share our vision of what public television can be, KET has become an inspiring force in education, citizenship, and culture, providing a rich variety of award-winning programs and services that improve lives by educating, inspiring, and empowering.

For the future of KET, and for the future of Kentucky, we must step up to meet growing program costs and a greater-than-ever demand for KET’s educational services. With your help, KET can fulfill many needs and serve the public’s trust with quality, integrity, and exceptional programs and services for years to come.

In addition to sustaining membership gifts, the great range of giving opportunities available means that you can support KET in the way that best fits your own situation. Your involvement will advance education, citizenship, and Kentucky’s culture and heritage in your community and beyond. Thank you for believing in KET.