Making a Difference

KET programs and services help people improve their lives every day. But you don’t have to take our word for it. On these pages, Kentuckians tell their own compelling and inspiring stories of how KET has helped them achieve goals, become more effective in their own work, or simply get more out of life.


Sam Corbett

A Formal Education

Businessman-turned-advocate Sam Corbett of Louisville champions education in Jefferson County.

Chenoweth Allen

The Art of Understanding

As part of the American Graduate initiative, KET is recognizing Kentuckians who are champions of education in our communities. Art therapist Chenoweth Allen gives students a window to themselves.

Susan Cintra

Remaking Education

Madison County educator Susan Cintra has been recognized by PBS for her innovative use of technology.

Diana Gold

New to the North

Public television connects Diana Gold to her home in the States.

Sherman Cahal

In Touch With the Past

KET's Kentucky Life inspires photographer Sherman Cahal to explore Kentucky and the world.

Kaveh Sajadi

Viewers Like You

The Kaveh Sajadi family decided that contributing to KET was the next logical step in their loyalty to public television.

Kaitlyn Beghtol

On the Fast Track

KET's Fast Forward GED® prep course helps Kaitlyn Beghtol achieve her goals.

LaTonya Rowe

21st Century Classroom

When LaTonya Rowe looks at technology, she doesn't see hardware, software, wifi, or screens. She sees unlimited educational possibilities for opening up new worlds for her fourth graders in Johnson County.


Steve Kerrick

Batting 1,000

For Louisville's Steve Kerrick, KET's mission and programs hit a home run.

Reecie Stagnolia

Fast Forward to Success

Reecie Stagnolia, vice president for Kentucky Adult Education, says KET's new Fast Forward online study course for the GED® is an important first step for students preparing for college and careers.

Mary Hughes and son Parker

Unlocking the Mystery

Children's programs on KET like Thomas & Friends helped Mary Hughes communicate with her son when he experienced difficulties early in life.

O. Leonard Press

Education Pioneer

Throughout the 1960s, O. Leonard Press worked to build and launch Kentucky Educational Television.

Kim Joiner-Johnson

Outside the Box

KET helps drama teacher Kim Joiner-Johnson integrate technology into her middle-school classroom.

Colmon Elridge

Full Circle

Raised on KET programming, Colmon Elridge makes it a priority for his young family today.

Robert L. Williams

World War II Veterans

Robert L. Williams was among the soldiers who parachuted behind enemy lines into France on June 6, 1944, 70 years ago.

Donna Wear

A True Friend

Kentucky educators like Donna Wear, principal of Paducah's Commonwealth Middle College, rely on KET's professional development resources to complete required ongoing training.

Jay Flippin

Perfect Pitch

Musician Jay Flippin says giving to KET strikes just the right note. “What I get out of KET is access to the arts,” said the Emmy Award-winning composer.

Stephen Parsons

Within Reach

KET offers schools in every county Distance Learning courses, an interactive, challenging, and affordable means to make their dollars go further and, at the same time, achieve their academic goals. Stephen Parsons is among the students who have taken advantage of KET’s standards-based, media-rich courses.

A New Direction for Adult Education

As an all-new, online-based GED® test is launched, a new test-preparation system from KET, Fast Forward, also launches to address the needs of today’s adult learner.


Richie Kessler

A Natural Man

Biologist Richie Kessler says KET programs like Kentucky Life bring the beauty of biodiversity home to Kentuckians by showcasing the state's large variety of natural treasures.

Jack Armacost

The Forgotton War

Former Korean War soldiers from the Commonwealth tell their stories in the new KET documentary In Their Own Words: Kentucky Veterans of the Korean War.

Lynnett Renner

A Bridge to Possibilities

KET health documentaries energize and inspire public health professionals like Lynnett Renner, director of the Cumberland Valley District Health Department.

Christopher Lawrence, Steven Oney, John Bates

A New Era for GED®

The world of adult education is changing, and KET is changing with it. The GED® test is entering a new era, and KET is helping adult learners with new materials and technology.

Jane Beshear

A Capital Idea

Kentucky first lady Jane Beshear's brainstorm proves to be a blessing for visitors to Frankfort.

Michelle Rauch

Tuning In

Teachers like Michelle Rauch at Lexington's Eastside Technical Center trust the professional development resources at KET to keep them up-to-date on the latest technology.

Virginia Lanzotti

Their New Kentucky Home

The family of Virginia Lanzotti finds friends in KET kids programming.

Amy Bolar

School House Rock

Music teacher Amy Bolar of Fleming County composes a symphony of instruction with KET Arts Toolkits.

Christopher Lawrence

Half a Lifetime in the Making

Christopher Lawrence of Anderson County earned his GED® diploma to set a good example for his son, and KET's GED Connection helped get him there.

Beth Cocanougher

The Difference of a Lifetime

Beth Cocanougher of Louisville says enriching programs on KET like Masterpiece Theatre give her a life-long education.

Bill Jones

A Worthwhile Investment

Paducah banker Bill Jones, a board member of the Commonwealth Fund for KET, says funding for KET and public television is money well spent.

Lee Sharp

Drama Mama

Lee Sharp of Lexington says daughter Lucy of Masterpiece's "Downton Abbey" nurtured her love of theater by watching dramas on KET.


Tim Coleman

Connecting the Commonwealth

Commonwealth's Attorney Tim Coleman turns to KET's public affairs programs and educational services to tie his hometown to the rest of Kentucky.

Stephen Parsons

Engineering the Future

Engineering student Stephen Parsons got a leg up on his studies with online physics courses from KET.

Kiley Lane Parker

Independent Filmmakers

Kentucky filmmakers like Kiley Lane Parker flourish thanks to support from KET.

Maria Bush

Going Public

KET's public affairs programming keeps Frankfort community organizer Maria Bush informed about the latest news and opinions.

Beth Lee and Virginia Thomas


Educators Beth Lee and Virginia Thomas say KET instructional resources fill critical needs in Garrard County schools.

Steven Oney

Back in Focus

KET's GED Connection gives adult learners like Steven Oney new opportunities.

Katherine Magnuson

KET Courses Go the Distance

Katherine Magnuson, facilitator for all four KET Latin courses used at Christian Academy of Louisville, says KET's Distance Learning courses help students excel—both now and into the future.

Carol Hughey

Big Concepts for Small Fry

Carol Hughey, principal of Oldham County Preschool, says KET's Everyday Science for Preschoolers gets pupils hooked on learning.

Bill Kight

Leading by Example

KET members like photographer and pilot Bill Kight help KET soar into the future with their membership gifts.

Donna Anderson

Window on the World

Pikeville librarian Donna Anderson says KET's EncycloMedia provides a window on the world for her students.

Joe Steier

Adult Education

Joe Steier's Signature Healthcare company fosters learning among the employees at its long-term care facilities with KET's GED Connection and Workplace Essential Skills.


Friends of KET

Best Friends Forever

Volunteers with Friends of KET have been using their influence to support the work of KET through fund-raising projects and awareness campaigns for the past 40 years.

Joyce Bender

Back to Nature

Joyce Bender of the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission says KET's Kentucky Life helps spread the word about the state's natural beauty.

Katrina Thompson

KET's 'Born Too Soon'

The KET documentary Born Too Soon is part of the March of Dimes' campaign to lower the rates of late preterm birth. And Katrina Thompson of the Kentucky March of Dimes says the documentary is reaching a large audience.

Lewis Carter

Rooted in Tradition

Monroe County School Superintendent Lewis Carter says KET is a key component of education for rural citizens. Resources like KET's EncycloMedia and GED® Connection open doors for children and adults in rural areas.

KET Transmitter Towers

KET Transmitter Towers

A total of 23 agencies and other public entities rely upon the KET transmitter towers—the statewide network of silent sentries that touch the sky as well as so many lives across the Commonwealth.

Donna Benton

Kids' Fitness is Looking Up

Donna Benton uses the KET documentary More Than Child's Play to show educators how to incorporate exercise into the classroom routine.

Stephanie Weber

Home Sweet Homeschool

German and Latin instruction from KET Distance Learning proves to be a valuable addition to the homeschool curriculum for Stephanie Weber's family in Casey County.

Tanya Bromley

Lifelong Enrichment

As a musician and educator, Tanya Bromley believes there's no more valuable resource for music and humanities enrichment than Kentucky Educational Television.

Laureen Laumeyer

A Passion for the Past

Fifth grade teacher Laureen Laumeyer of Hardin County brings history alive for her students with MISSION US, a new interactive online American history game offered to Kentucky teachers through KET.

Marion Smith

British Import

English native Marion Smith of Franklin County returns to her homeland each week, thanks to the bounty of British comedies, dramas, and other entertaining programs airing on KET.

Dan Griffith

Making Their Voices Heard

Dan Griffith of Owensboro, a longtime supporter of KET, believes it's important that political leaders understand how much public television benefits society, and that is why he's joined 170 Million Americans to advocate for the continuation of public funding.

Jessica Holmes

Tackling the Technical

Library media specialist Jessica Holmes teaches schoolchildren 21st century communication skills. She stays on top of her mission by using the professional development resources offered by KET.

Previous Years

(Alphabetical by last name)

Morgan Atkinson

Kentucky Filmmakers

Morgan Atkinson, an independent filmmaker who has produced documentaries for KET, says KET's support is vital for the state's struggling filmmakers.

John Bates

KET's GED Preparation Program

Bible college student John Bates, once a high school dropout in juvenile detention, says KET's GED preparation program helped lead him to where he is today.

Tonya Bentley-Williams

Exceeding Expectations

Tonya Bentley-Williams credits KET educational services with helping Knott County’s May Valley Elementary reach state academic goals.

Rena Brashear

Mountain View

When she hungers for the cultural wealth of the world, Rena Brashear of Letcher County turns to KET to fill a need for beauty and knowledge beyond her beloved hills.

Maxton Cantrell

Write All About It

Competitions like the KET Young Writers and Illustrators Contest give young authors like Maxton Cantrell an opportunity to shine.

Carrie Cinnamond

Spreading the Word

As president of the KET Friends Board, Carrie Cinnamond was proud to be Pikeville’s “Miss KET.”

Tony Cipolla

Staying Up to Speed

Tony Cipolla and the Louisville Fire Department have improved both training and emergency communication with KET DataCast.

David Couch

David Couch

David Couch of the state Office of Education Technology credits programs like KET EncycloMedia for helping the Kentucky Department of Education create the technological avenues for student success.

Jim Crawford, Ruth Baxter

Enriching Rural Communities

Jim Crawford and Ruth Baxter, husband and wife attorneys and community leaders in Carroll County, find that KET programs and services enrich rural communities in many ways.

Hasan Davis

Finding a New Path

Getting his GED was the start of a dramatic turnaround for Hasan Davis, a former gang member turned youth advocate.

Mary Davis

Looking It Up

Both Mary Davis and her students take frequent advantage of KET EncycloMedia’s high-quality, in-depth research material.

Larry and Martha Deener

Giving Back

Larry and Martha Deener support their community through their financial and volunteer support of KET.

Lisa and Mason Doyle

Finding Answers

A Kentucky-produced program on KET led Lisa Doyle to help for her son’s learning disability.

Margaret Evans-Dulin

Growing Up With Art to Heart

Margaret Evans-Dulin finds that KET’s Art to Heart program enriches child development at the St. Benedict Center in Louisville.

Jeff Fletcher

Using Technology in the Classroom

Fairview High School teacher Jeff Fletcher makes his social studies classes more interactive with help from KET EncycloMedia and KET Education Consultant Missi Baker.

Han Kuo-Huang

Learning about Kentucky’s Musical Heritage

With Jubilee as his viewing mainstay, University of Kentucky ethnomusicologist Han Kuo-Huang has found plenty of enriching musical programs on KET. And Han’s musical expertise has been featured in the KET Music Arts Toolkit.

Bettie Harris

The Value of KET Membership

Longtime viewer Bettie Harris says her love for KET programs has led her to become a KET member and offer her financial support.

Cheryl Lawson

Miss Western Kentucky

As president of the Friends of KET Board of Directors, Cheryl Lawson of Paducah relishes her volunteer work spreading the word about KET resources to teachers and other members of her community.

Garlene Layne-Abshire

Meeting the Challenge

The KET Arts Toolkits helped visual art teacher Garlene Layne-Abshire take on drama and dance, too—while raising her school’s test scores.

Michelle Lee

e-Learning for Teachers

A love of learning keeps sending teacher Michelle Lee back to school for online professional development courses offered by the Kentucky Department of Education and KET.

Starr Lewis

Teaching the Teachers

The Kentucky Department of Education’s Starr Lewis helps KET develop professional development resources that teach by example.

Teresa Lovely

She Means Business

KET’s CommonHealth of Kentucky series helps Teresa Lovely advocate for workplace wellness to Kentucky businesses.

Dorin Luck

Handy with the Blues

Dorin Luck, chief coordinator of the W.C. Handy Blues and Barbecue Festival, appreciates the national exposure the Henderson event receives from KET’s Jubilee.

Michelle Lustenberg

Passing It On

KET’s Art to Heart helped Michelle Lustenberg’s high school students share their love of the arts with younger kids.

Edie Mariani

Sharing Ideas

Teacher Edie Mariani lends KET her real-world expertise to build training tools for Kentucky classrooms.

Bob and Judy Marlowe

Feeding the Soul

Lifelong explorers Robert and Judith Marlowe find treasure in KET’s diverse programming.

Ben Mize

Hooked on the Classics

KET Latin tutor Ben Mize fell under the spell of the ancient language as a high school student when he took a Distance Learning course offered by KET.

Nick Nicholson

Preserving Our Stories

When Keeneland President Nick Nicholson heard about the KET Endowment for Kentucky Productions, he knew it was an idea whose time had come.

Daniel Noble

Learning from Afar

Daniel Noble relied on the flexibility of KET Distance Learning for the German instruction he wanted.

Nancy Redden and Melinda White

A Sense of Wonder

Nancy Redden and Melinda White use KET's Everyday Science for Preschoolers in their Greenup County day care center to build a foundation for school success.

Chris Renfrow

A Great Way to Teach

High school teacher Chris Renfrow uses KET EncycloMedia to get students hooked on history.

Laura Richardson

TV for Children

Laura Richardson of McCracken County, an elementary school teacher who is currently staying home with her two young sons, appreciates PBS Kids programming for its educational content and values.

John Russ

Leading the Way

Educator John Russ uses the Literacy Leadership interactive learning tool to prepare his aspiring elementary school principals for their work.

Stephanie Scheer

Dropping Back In

The flexibility of KET’s GED study materials helps adult educator Stephanie Scheer meet the varied needs of her students.

Rebecca Schwab

Engaging Students

For science teacher Rebecca Schwab, KET EncycloMedia is an invaluable tool for getting and holding students’ attention.

Denva Smith

Successful Teaching

Literacy Strategies in Action is among the KET professional development materials that are used by Clay County reading coach Denva Smith.

Rhonda Smith

Learning and Doing

The KET Arts Toolkits bring a whole world of arts to Rhonda Smith and her rural students.

Albert Sperath

Finding Lost Works

KET’s documentary and web site on Mayfield-born artist Ellis Wilson has led curator Albert Sperath to many a previously unknown painting.

Dr. Adewale Troutman

Improving Public Health

Dr. Adewale Troutman, director of Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness, says KET’s health-related programming is critical to improving public health.

Lavel White

Opening Doors

Involvement in KET outreach projects is helping Lavel White pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker.

Julie Williams

A Road Trip to Scale City

Math teacher Julie Williams uses KET's Scale City to take middle school students on an interactive road trip through Kentucky to learn proportional reasoning.

Sheila Williams

Nurturing the Arts

Author Sheila Williams turns to KET arts programming like Kentucky Muse to nourish her soul.

Connie Wilson

Staying Informed

Connie Wilson depends on KET’s public affairs programs to keep up with issues throughout her state and her world.

Diane Woods-Ayers

Leveling the Playing Field

Campbellsville school superintendent Diane Woods-Ayers relies on KET EncycloMedia to give students in her small town the same learning opportunities as their urban counterparts.