Making a Difference:
The Impact of Giving

We enjoy the programs. We know what KET means in the classroom and the community. If you enjoy it, you should support it.

Larry Deener

KET Member

“KET is like an old friend,” says Larry Deener. His wife, Martha, nods her head in agreement.

“We started watching KET in the 1970s,” she says. “Masterpiece Theatre’s Upstairs Downstairs was sort of our introduction to the entertainment side of KET. We also loved The Pallisers, a series based on Anthony Trollope’s books.”

Soon that list of favorite programs expanded. For Larry, a Lexington attorney, Firing Line with William Buckley, Comment on Kentucky, Nova, and American Experience became trusted sources of news and information. Martha enjoyed many of the music programs. Today, the couple especially enjoys programs they can find only on KET, such as Kentucky Life and Kentucky Tonight.

But the Deeners know that, like all friends, KET is multidimensional.

Martha was an educator with the Fayette County school system for 23 years. She taught at Ludlow Elementary in Northern Kentucky and Clays Mill Elementary in Lexington and also served as the librarian at Clays Mill. That’s where she learned firsthand about another dimension of KET—its educational services to Kentucky schools.

“I had a good experience with KET in the classroom,” she says. “The kids really enjoyed the KET programs, and the programs added to and filled in a needed part of the curriculum.” Martha found KET particularly helpful in science and health instruction.

Today, KET’s educational services include not only televised classroom instruction for every Kentucky classroom but also KET EncycloMedia, distance learning courses for high schoolers, professional development for teachers, Arts Toolkits, GED preparation, and workforce training.

Making a Difference ... with Your Help!

Your financial support helps KET continue to make a positive difference in your community.

Back at home, both the Deeners found in KET a trusted source of fun, safe educational programs for their daughter, Elizabeth, who grew up learning from Sesame Street and Mister Rogers. KET now brings dragons, monkeys, barnyard animals, and even bedbugs into the act to help children develop a love for learning.

In 1982, the Deeners became members of KET, joining thousands of other Kentuckians who support the array of services and programming KET provides for every Kentucky community across the state.

“We enjoy the programs. We know what KET means in the classroom and the community. If you enjoy it, you should support it,” Larry explains.

The Deeners not only lend their financial support, but also volunteer their time. Martha has volunteered on KET’s election night team, answered phones during membership drives, and even stuffed envelopes.

“I see volunteering as giving to the community,” she says.

Larry adds, “If we give our support to KET, it goes to the classroom and the community.”