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I am on a budget, and it took me a while to decide. Now since I've gotten started, I'm going to give more this year.

Bettie Harris

Viewer and KET member

Meeting Bettie Harris is like stepping into the pages of KET's Visions magazine. For every interest this 60-year-old UK HealthCare receptionist has, there’s a program on KET that she enjoys.

“I love Keeping Up Appearances, I love This Old House, I loved New Yankee Workshop, I love Masterpiece—Inspector Lewis is my favorite—and don’t forget Victory Garden,” recites the petite Lexington native who graduated from Bryan Station High School and went on to receive a bachelor’s in history from the University of Kentucky.

“Anything with history, I love,” says the avid reader, who then launches into the virtues of bookclub@ket, American Experience, or just about any other program on KET.

Her interest in many of the how-to programs on the KET schedule, naturally enough, stems from her ongoing project to renovate, by herself, her vintage-1960s home.

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“My biggest program is This Old House—of course I don’t go into all the detail that they do—but I now know how to patch holes! So I do know how to do small things from watching and it’s just interesting to see how they do the large stuff too.”

Harris leaves no doubt that she’s capable of tackling any job she sets her mind to. And an active mind it is, hopping from one favorite subject to the next as she describes her dedication to programs she’s enjoyed on KET, from Masterpiece to Note by Note (The Making of Steinway L1037) to Austin City Limits, “that’s how I met Keith Urban,” she laughs, “on KET!”

Translating that love for her KET programs to supporting it financially was a transition Harris made just last year. “I am on a budget, and it took me a while to decide,” she says. “Now since I’ve gotten started, I’m going to give more this year. KET is on my list.”

Frequently on the go, Harris points to KET’s flexible scheduling for making it easy to keep up with the programs she likes best. “If I miss a show, or only catch part of it, I know you’re going to air it again another night,” she said.

And missing a program is definitely not on her to-do list.

During the legislative session, Harris has enjoyed keeping up with bills passing through the General Assembly by watching KET’s nightly Legislative Update.

“It’s what’s in the news, and you learn that night what happened (in the legislature) that day,” she says. “It’s so interesting to hear each one’s opinions, and of course you get to see the people who represent you—your city, county, and state. It’s real up-to-date stuff!”

Whether it’s the story of how a white falcon struggled to raise her young in the remote Canadian wilderness as depicted on Nature or the detailed biographies presented by American Masters, Harris believes that to keep the programs which engage her coming into her living room every night, financial support from viewers is vital.

“It comes from within,” she says. “I think if you like it, you should give to keep it on the air. I know I do. I don’t want to lose my programs!”

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