Individual Program Sponsorship

Do you have a favorite program on KET? Antiques Roadshow or Kentucky Life? The British comedies? The bluegrass and blues of Jubilee? Or maybe a PBS stalwart like American Experience, Nova, or Nature?

Programs like these enrich the lives, broaden the mind, and touch the heart—but they come at a cost. On the average ...

  • Documentary programs cost $5,873 per hour.
  • Arts programs cost $3,418 per hour.
  • News and public affairs programs cost $1,288 per hour.
  • Children’s programs cost $1,240 per hour.

What would you give to support your favorite program?

Sponsoring Your Favorite

KET offers the opportunity to show other viewers how much you value your favorite program through individual program sponsorships. When you sponsor a program, KET will air a 15-second spot before and after its broadcast thanking you, your family, or whomever you wish for making the presentation of the program possible.

Wouldn’t you like your family, friends, and co-workers to know how much you enjoy KET? Go ahead and give us a call. We’d love to put your name on the air!

Or, if you’re a little unsure of whether you want that much notoriety, you can sponsor a program in the name of your local school or an organization of your choice.

For More Information

To sponsor a program, contact the KET gifts office:

, (859) 258-7206, or , (859) 258-7209
Commonwealth Fund for KET
560 Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40502-2200
toll-free: (800) 866-0366